Krakens aftershock cooldown

Okay krakens cool down on his aftershock is ridiculous. I ran into a kraken who would use after shock then lightning strike then after shock IMMEDIATELY after it. That just ridiculous. And last patch that came out I’m pretty sure they kept aftershocks damage the same and added more range on it. They also added a crazy cool down. It bs that he can use after shock twice in a three hit special ability combo.


AS cooldown is in the vicinity of 6 seconds. Can’t remember if that’s with or without CD Reduction perk, but it shouldn’t be this bad for too much longer; it’s supposed to be getting a radius reduction in the next patch that should hopefully help. Here’s the changes that are being looked at/tested.
9/17 Livestream Balance Changes List [Outdated]

IIRC it’s 4.5 seconds with CDR. Perk, not buff. Eight without.

Or maybe 8 without, 6 with the perk and 4.5 with the buff? Iunno.

Should be around 6 with the perk, 4.5 with the buff.

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Still ridiculous. ._. Considering that it does a LOT of damage and is nigh inescapable unless you screw up…It prettymuch recharges at the same time jetpacks do…

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1 point is 12 seconds
2 is 10
3 is 8

CDR perk is 20%, which should bring it to 9.6 / 8 / 6.4

CDR wildlife is 35%, which should bring it to 7.8 / 6.5 / 5.2

Unless im having an off moment. Known to happen.

Errr… They reduced the damage a lot.

Level 1

  • Cooldown time increased to 12 seconds (was 10)
  • Blast radius increased to 10 meters (was 8.3)
  • Damage increased to 480 (was 370)

Level 2

  • Blast radius increased to 12.5 meters (was 10.8)
  • Damage increased to 494 (was 480)

Level 3

  • Cooldown time decreased to 8 seconds (was 10)
  • Blast radius increased to 15 meters (was 14)
  • Damage decreased to 528 (was 625)

Cooldown is fine.