Kraken's aerial ranged attack and body camping


Now first thing I’d like to say is that I don’t think Kraken is op, just that his aerial ranged attack seems a bit unfair on the hunters. The problem as I see it is in body camping; now any monsters can prevent a revive on a hunter and that is fair, hunters can for example prevent the monster from eating, thus gaining armour, in combat after all. To prevent a revive monster players ever have to carefully reserve a suitable ability and/or some stamina whilst being observant thus risking a mistake but allowing them to avoid major damage and continue fighting normally, or they have to stand over a downed hunter and sacrifice a lot of health/armour but are able to use their abilitys to do maximum damage to the remaining group or to kill the downed hunter quickly thus insuring that no mistake can be made. This is fair to both sides as preventing a revive is never without a decent risk factor.

Kraken on the other hand can use his aerial ranged attack from vast distances to prevent a revive and can spam the fast moving and homeing [I think] projectile about once a second give or take (hitting faster than a revive takes to complete), he can be far away from the hunters minimalizing the damage the hunters can do to him and still camp a body whilst using his abilitys to do maximum damage to the remaining group without risking being unable to block a revive. A fairly observant and skilled Kraken player can therefore do heavy damage whilst taking little damage and preventing a revive; in other words having the advantages of both the ranged camping and point-blank camping strategies I mentioned above without their disadvantages; except the risk of a mistake of course. Even in the nightmare situation where he/she is out of stamina, out of ability’s and far away from the downed hunter as another starts to revive them he/she can block it, as long as he/she is still in the air of course.

Personally I feel this is a cheap and easy tactic for blocking a revive, one that is very effective against and unfair to the hunters; many times I have been in a game were a Kraken focus the medic, got them down and then proceeded to use all their available abilitys to grind down the team whilst making reviving the medic pretty much imposable with their spammed aerial ranged melee whenever we tried to get them up… all whilst keeping in the air and away from serious damage.

In short I feel that for this issue to be fixed Kraken aerial ranged attack needs to be adjusted in one of the following ways: not stop revives (most radical but brings Kraken more into line with the other monsters in camping strategy), slow down the aerial ranged attack as it travels across long ranges so that it can’t spam block a revive from vast distances (a good balance making Kraken players have to keep closer to the down hunter to insure a revive is blocked) or have a second cool down but up the damage to keep the same dps (makes using ranged melee more strategic and less spamy).

What do you guys think? Is this an issue or am I alone in thinking this?

Oh, and I’m dyslexic so sorry for any mistakes in advance :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Proposal: Shields should stop Kraken from spamming electric balls in the air to cancel resurrections

yeah one of the biggest problems( excluding the lightning and especially the aftershock bug) is that u cant rly punish a kraken for body camping not like every other monster


Well, you know where he’ll be aiming, so you get an idea of where he’ll be hanging and at which angle. This is not a small thing.

Also, calling the Kraken’s basic ranged attack “aerial melee” is wrong.


Haven’t really thought about this but I actually agree. I vote for having his basic ranged not do any knockback/interrupt. It’ll force him to get on the ground and use a melee attack or use an ability but it shouldn’t affect anything else.


Well the point is that the aerial ranged attack is spamy and allows Kraken to allways have the chance of stopping a revive (you practically allways have stamina in combat), this is soumthing no outher monster has… from a standard attack no less. Also saying “you know where he’ll be aiming” implies that for a revive (when a downd hunter is bleading out and time is critical) you need to just wait for the Kraken to mess up and not be able to block a revive (soumthing as I exsplaned befour practicaly never happens). Good Kraken players keep the downd hunter in line of sight and don’t use their slow wind up abilitys (for exsampel lightning strike) when thay could leave a gap for someone to revive a downed hunter, if they block you once they spam their aerial ranged attack and use their abilitys at you and the downed hunter as long as you are close: this is giving all the controle of the situathion to the monster player. On a finel note Kraken can be said to be the best for focusing a singel hunter with his three long ranged abilitys so the situation is common.

Also changed all ‘aerial melee’s’ to ‘aerial ranged attack’s’