Kraken will never be balanced!


No matter how hard you nerf percentages. Kraken will never be balanced as long as I’m playing the kraken. Some of the nerfs to speed and gravity have actually helped me by making my attacks more accurate by being able to more easily control them. No more lightiings accidently flung 50 miles away. The class as it exists will make it very hard for any team comp to beat me.


cool story bro


Thanks for the support. I will allow you to be my wingman when we celebrate in club excaliber on the one year anniversary of this post when we became good friends.


Who says that nerfs lead to balance? If you nerf 1 thing other things become stronger and need to be nerfed. Then when they are nerfed MORE things need to be nerfed. Instead of nerfing what is strong…try buffing what is weaker then them to bring them up instead of everything down. I honestly think you shouldn’t nerf things (unless the NEED it(kraken’s flight bug counts as a bug fix not a nerf)) and you should buff what is weaker then others.


But that thinking isn’t always the best.
Which sounds better?
Buffing Decoy to make it have a longer duration and/or deal more damage?
Or have the Wrap Blast radius and/or damage amd/or distance nerfed?
While Decoy and Supernova need something to make them more worthwhile, I would rather have the WB spam stopped so that people would use other abilities to their full potential



(need ten characters)


i bet you a million dollars wraith wins the title to never be balanced, because 1 if shes slightly strong its too strong if its slightly weak, its very weak XD wraith just cant win lol


Decoy will always be too situational and thus useless, so she has a redundant ability in her kit.


Not everyone spams WB and Decoy…some people don’t even use decoy/WB alot/at all. I mainly used WB for an extra warp not for damage and i use decoy when trying to avoid damage.


You should join an ESL team then :wink: Since ur unbeatable why not get in on the cash prizes and glory? Oh because real teams would wreck u so bad u will wish you never said that


To be fair, Kraken is still the dominant pick in ESL and has the win percentage to justify his popularity amongst monsters. I’d give the benefit of doubt to OP, I think his statement was hyperbolic and directed moreso towards Kraken’s dominance in pubs.

I personally agree with the sentiment that Kraken might not ever be balanced, although I disagree with Lightning Strike and movement being better now.


Since the last patch Kraken is no longer dominant in pubs its 90% Wraith games now. Noobs realised they cant just fly away with kraken, so now they do it with wraith


I’ll join any team that sends me an invite. lol. I’ve crushed premades so im not scared.


Wraith hasn’t changed, pubs are just still bunching up and trappers/support not shooting enough to punish wraiths. I’d still take a wraith game over an aftershock kraken.


I think he meant instead of bringing one character down, bump the others up. Which basically does the same thing, but may also make matches shorter.


But he has a negative win rate in ESL but he has the best out of all the monster.


It’s because of the new Abe meta that monsters have been struggling to win in the last couple ESLs.


I don’t even use wraith and i rarely play monster anyways so :confused:


He should’ve add more dragons though.


couldve also used more drama, chicks dig drama