Kraken wacky airborne physics with Patch 1.3


After patch 1.3 I noticed some weird thing with Kraken that had never happened to me before.
I don’t remember the specific situation, but it was in combat. I was in the air, or taking off, and something made me bounce away really fast and far. Another time I got something to shoot me up high in the air in a second. Like some of the physics were off.
Did anything like this happen to anyone else after Patch 1.3?

Weird Kraken Traversal Leap

Yes it also happened to me too when I was playing Kraken. I was bouncing around the dome and the hunter couldn’t hit me it was funny but not when I was playing as Goliath because it kind of screw up my movement. TT


Yeah, like being bounced, isn’t it? Ricocheting off something


This existed before this patch.


I once tried to leap on dam, went from the bottom of the river near the nomad to almost the power relay in a single long bounce, the hunters were jealous of my flying goliath.


Yeah this has been in Evolve before patch 1.3 but yes it is still a funny glitch.


I’m noticing this too, after the patch Kraken and even Goliath seem to be supercharged in how fast they move.