Kraken vs Skywraith


Kraken’s been my main for a while and I’m really comfortable with it but it was getting boring so I started playing Wraith after the balance patch, particularly the Skywraith playstyle.

It’s really fun but not nearly comparable in power & defence as Kraken, particularly against the new hunters. For comparison, I can do better as a Stage1 Kraken than a Stage2 Skywraith. Against the other hunters it’s not so bad, but Sunny and Tor just decimate my health. Val & Abe/Crow also give me tons of trouble with their constant slows. Wraith just doesn’t have enough traversal to get away while Kraken just flies away unhindered.

Just… damn. After playing as Kraken for so long and then trying Wraith it’s a totally different ballgame. Maybe it’s because I’m relatively new to the Wraith. I’ve watched a bunch of Wraith vids and have over 100 wins, so I’m not that new. Just hoping someone more experienced can chime in a bit. Sure I pub stomp plenty but when I go up against a team that utilizes their whole kit I feel like a helpless puppy.


That’s exactly what Skywraith is. Great pub stomper but a gimmicky build that doesn’t really hold when hunters know what they are doing. Not sure skywraith had the potential to hold its own at higher levels of play tbh.


It does now wit WB buff
Can be really harsh abduct sunny or torvald miles up in sky dive bomb rest of party melee melee dead hunter yum it up as the abductee slowly floats to earth into your supernova area
Nomm nom
Monster wins


Now that Warp Blast is crazy good…I think Sky Wraith is actually viable. I always used her because she’s way more fun than Novacoy spamming, and now she’s GOOD. Abducting into a Warp Blast is a deadly combo.


Its my bread and butter tactic


Or Warp Blasting and Abducting them back to you.


Don’t you mean abducting then warp blasting?


I do both. Depends on the mood. :slight_smile:


Skywraiths are easy to contain on a coordinated team. You need to call out when they are getting ready to abduct or WB, conserve jetpack and never bunch up. It’s a battle of attrition so get ready for the long fight.


Am i one of the only people who feel the wraiths speed should be brought back just a little bit? Maybe 10 percent faster for warp blast and 15 on teleporting. The abduction should also be fixed because i hate using it when i hit someone and they just take damage or i randomly faze through them and do nothing. The supernova is good but i would like a little more time but its still fun to use so im okay for that.


goes on to describe something not very easy

It was viable before. Fully leveled Abduction & Warp Blast could two-hit a lot of the time, or at worst leave them a single melee attack from death - then you’re back to doing a Kraken impression. The targeting of Abduction is not nearly as finicky as Tongue Grab, so even people actively trying to dodge can be grabbed. It’s a mess to try to contain even with a coordinated team. A wide open relay defense fight against a Skywraith is a nightmare scenario, and it was even worse when she could get to Stage 3 without ever taking health damage.


It was, yes, but it lacked the supreme burst damage necessary to bypass characters like Caira and Hank. Now that Warp Blast is godlike, Sky Wraith is perfect.


Well, that’s true. Always fun to shield someone right when they get grabbed. Not so fun when you picked Cabot then they picked Wraith.


Idk, in my experience a well coordinated team can keep it so a Skywraith can only commit to one player and then they jetpack away


Well I’m finally comfortable with Wraith. I experimented with a few builds and starting perks and settled on something I like. It’s not pure Skywraith but I do a bit of that too. The main skill I added back in is Decoy. I don’t put points in Abduct until stage2 which is when I go looking for trouble.

With everyone using Sunny now I find myself getting domed at stage1 more often, and decoy really helps evade while domed. I also really enjoy sneak pouncing while cloaked. Get a few swipes in and then warp blast for an incap.

One of my favorite things to do is what MidnightRoses mentioned… warp blasting and then abducting them back. Followed by a melee it’s usually an incap.

I tried supernova and didn’t like it at all. Wraith has too little health to be getting up in hunters faces like that. I just felt the sacrifice wasn’t worth it.

I’m using stamina perk for survivability. One of the worst things that can happen is getting slowed and not having a traversal charge. With most people using Crow now I feel it’s a must.


Post wraith changes I tried skywraith. It was ok. I pretty quickly switch to 3 warpblast, 3 supernova instead. I have tons of practice with supernova so it’s way easier for me to win with it instead of abduction. I think skywraith makes you vulnerable to a lot of damage and lacks the chaos that supernova creates.


That’s funny, because it’s Supernova that leaves you vulnerable to a lot of damage and Skywraith that makes you a difficult target to hit while causing a bunch of confusion & chaos. Supernova is actually better for Wraith now that you’re a big glowing target hovering in one area for a lot less time.


It does make you vulnerable because you’re in the same general area for awhile but the “oh crap” response from whoever you’re hitting works pretty well for me. You can’t just use it randomly. Skywraith is just really predictable about what it’s going to do and when. At least to me it is. I think skywraith is pretty reliable but its trade off is being predictable. The way I play wraith I work more on being unpredictable and with supernova in the mix that makes me really dangerous but less reliable which is a play style I have a lot more practice and skill with. The other problem I found when I played skywraith is it is very reliant on line of site which also happens to be a characteristic for a lot of the hunter’s defensive abilities. If you can abduct they can shield. With supernova and warpblast if a hunter gets blown off at a bad angle from warpblast (like off a cliff or behind something) supernova can usually kill them. I like supernova because it makes a situation that is bad for the hunters exponentially worse. I remember a recent game where the hunters caught me at stage 2 with no armor except they caught me at the far end of the river on dam where there’s some deep water in a hole. Low and behold at some point during the fight one of them ended up in the hole and I ended up in it with them. One supernova and that was it. They tried to punish and I knocked them in the hole and blended them.


Actually I think no Wraith build is predictable when played right. It’s in the Monster’s nature.


I would agree if there was some variance to skywraith. If the wraith has warpblast and abduction, chances are it’s skywraith and it’s gonna do something involving the name of the build and its probably going to use those abilities. It might even use the abilities in sequence if the monster wants to be really fancy.

In all seriousness though by being “sky” wraith it removes a lot of the uncertainty by making its preferred fighting terrain basically a constant. As long as the wraith can clearly see the hunters it doesn’t matter too much where it fights (ok maybe a cave is not a good spot). There’s also really only two viable attack pattern choices. Abduct then warpblast or warpblast then abduct. Maybe throw a few melee attacks in. Point is by removing variables (terrain, skill order, hunter spread, etc) it removes uncertainty but it also makes it far easier to predict and I think overall limits your options.