Kraken VooDoo Skin


I played Evolve last weekend on May 8th at around 12:30 am and I thought I would receive the Kraken Voodoo skin but when I signed back on today I did not unlock it. It was definitely online and I am on the East Coast. If any of the devs read this is there any way I can still get the skin? Or can this be fixed? Thanks.

Edit: I am on Xbox and my GT is metsfan259


Before submitting any support tickets, try unlinking your My2k account then fully rebooting your console/pc and then opening evolve and signing back into your My2k account.


I have done this several times and still no skin.


I would submit a ticket to 2K support then.


Just did that, thanks for your help!


Did you ever get it? I contacted them, and they said my account looks like I should have the skin, but I still don’t.


I didn’t get Wraiths Voodoo skin until Krakens was released, then I got both of them.