Kraken uses cheat with zipper

pay attention
in one bombing, Kraken uses three lightning (i cant load all screenshots)
See screenshot
I’m sure this is not an isolated case, I propose to create a list of player




We don’t condone naming and shaming on this forum so I don’t think a ‘cheaters’ list is a good idea.

Also could you remove the ‘cheaters’ name from your post for the time being? :wink:
@Takran @Sentry_Gun


I’ll edit the names out, we don’t allow callouts in here.

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Alright, the names are out :smile: If you want to report cheaters, I think you have to send 2k a ticket.

And again, you can’t post their usernames in here, thank you :smile:

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i dont really understand whats going on here. the cheating i mean

Look at the three screencaps at the top of the page. Kraken uses LS three times in a single Barrage. The barrage is now three seconds. He’s used a hack (or been glitched? Doubtful) and his LS has no CD.

You know what’s more dangerous? One that has no CD on vortex -.- we stood no chance.

Note: this was before hunt 2.0.

Noted, thank you.

When you have evidence of a cheat like this, please tag me and @MajorLeeHyper so we can work on countermeasures. To ask for sanctions against a cheater, contact 2K as suggested above.


its tough to notice subtle cheats… posts like these sometimes make me question some genuine players… I started counting between ability usage to confirm he wasn’t cheating… the warpblst/rockthrows sometimes feel like they are too early when your are being focused hard but they are not …

Its like Einstein said about relativity “Put your hand on a hot stove for a minute, and it seems like an hour. Sit with a pretty girl for an hour, and it seems like a minute. That’s relativity”

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watch carefully
1 screenshot
Visibility: 1 - standard of living of the physician 90%, assault 70%, monster 64%. 2 - Monster finishes casting. 3 - Support for orbital bombardment starts.
2 screenshot
Visibility: 1 - standard of living of the physician 15%, assault 25%, monster 60%. 2 - Monster begins re-reading spells. 3 - it is obvious that the monster was able to get away from the orbital bombardment, and it is visible that the bombing started, it is about 2 seconds of the game.

Alas, I could not record video, so I made a few screenshots.
Kraken noob, because we could not win despite the fact that he enjoys a cheat.