Kraken unfair to fight

That’s what they said about the second micropatch. It got delayed by multiple weeks. I’ll believe it when i see it.

Played against a couple of hunters in a party (support and trapper, but they swiched about a bit) as Kraken, and they completely annihalated me 3 games in a row. The other two were randoms and were pulling their weight in the team.

I’ll admit, the first game I was expecting it to be no trouble, so I picked wall climb perk because… why not? Oh was that a mistake… They made me pay dearly.

They caught me at stage 1, kept their distance from each other, but ensure they all had LoS too. If one person went out of LoS, someone was there regaining it ASAP. The medic kept everyone healed, the support kept the medic safe, the trapper and assault kept up the pressure, preventing me from dealing enough damage or hiding.

On escape, they sweeped efficiently. They spread out, ensuring they covered a wide area, but also being able to respond swiftly should they need help.

They kept this pressure up through 3 hellish games for me. I managed to lose them for a bit, but they found me again before long (I swear, those birds weren’t near me yet they set off and then warped closer to me =_=).

I spent about 10 mins or so at stage 1 in the 3rd game because they prevented me from feeding enough to even get the ENERGY to evolve (Didn’t help a lot that it was Foundary).

Oh, and the second game had a Sunny and Hyde, laying into me and although it was close (so much so I almost cried), they did a ton of damage. My banshees were useless, they took care of them fast, especially with the flamethrower. Two hits from a 3* skill might be able to almost kill a full health hunter, but they take a long time to cast (vortex is easy to dodge as long as it’s not right in your face).

Just got owned with a score of 1-7 by some near-pro team. Being top 90 Kraken player that is what I call “good game”. Those guys don’t lurk forums crying their tears. They co-ordinate, they improve, they evolve, they win. These kind of guys earn my respect.


He hates the wraith and I hate the kraken, excuse?! Im right here, not hiding little boy

So you justify your nerf-cries by hatred. Pretty solid for a not-hiding-little-boy.

I love you too!

What gets me is if i saw when testing that Kraken would end up being like this i would go to the guy in charge and be like look brah were reverting the Kraken changes as we cannot manage to weed out the bugs and its making him dam broken and unfun to play against well get it sorted for the next patch better to have one slightly sub-par monster than 3.

i justify the nerf cries based on Krakens 75% win rate and the fact that 4 people have a miserable experience playing against him… and i play with premades that routinely destroy kraken, its not even about winning or losing its about fairness and fun, and Kraken definately lacks both

So what you say it is unfair for inexperienced random groups to lose 75% of the games, while premades have no problem killing Kraken, and thus you say it’s not fun and fair? You lack logics in your statement. It is not inexperienced who decide is it fun or fair. I had a lot of fairness and fun when I lost 7 out of 8 games in a row vs premade, so we don’t share same opinion about is Kraken fun and fair to play or not.

Then those 4 need to work together more… If all hunters simply did a few basic things such as the hunters I played against last night did, they would be able to pull that WLR back their way. A lot of people don’t.

The right way shouldn’t be to make the game easier for them. It should be to teach them what they can do to improve their game. That’s when they can start enjoying themselves more. If Kraken gets nerfed then that carries into any tournaments too, where he would be utterly useless against a well co-ordinated team.

“That’s what they said about the second micropatch. It got delayed by multiple weeks. I’ll believe it when i see it.”

First micro-patch was released april 9th. Second micro patch was released april 30th. Macman said within about a week after the first patch, the second micro patch would be about 1-2 weeks away. It popped up about 2 weeks after he said that. 3 weeks. It took 3 weeks for the second patch to hit after the first micropatch. What were you expecting? Why were you expecting this? Isnt “it got delayed by multiple weeks” a bit of a dubious stretch? At the very least, its a bit misrepresentation of what actually happened, dont you think?

Hey op crybaby, continue to cry and ask for a monster with 1 hp, no armor and 0.1 hp attacks, you will be happy with this i guess…

If you loose all the time against a Kraken, it means you don’t know how to play against it. I have played 4 games yesterday against a Kraken, we were a team of 3 players + 1 random. We won 3 out of 4 games. The Krakens (4 different players) were surely not the bests in the world but they were good to pretty good. It was hard but we succeded to get the win 3 times. Our team comp was good and bad, depends the games : either Caira + Hank + Maggie + Parnell either Laz + Bucket + Maggie + Parnell.

I’m a good Kraken Player, 101 win / 8 losses (got my losses in the first 30 games as Kraken), no ragequit. I can tell you that yes, Kraken was op (was mostly winning with full life stage 2 or 3) but now they fixed some things and you can defeat it, hardly but you can (didn’t win with full health since last micropatch, winning stage 3 with between 25%-75% health).

Stop to ask for nerfs for everything, Wraith was op (but NOT unbeatable), now they have nerfed it and i haven’t lost against one since the last patch with my friends… Goliath is not that good anymore and i barely loose against one too when i play with friends.

What do you want, that all monsters can be beaten easily ? 'Cause maybe you think you deserve the win because you are so good ?! Change the way you play, choose your perks well, try to fight it in places at your advantage and use teamplay, you will see you will beat many Krakens.

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“Hey op crybaby, continue to cry and ask for a…”

Is that kind of discussion necessary? Does that make you feel better? I mean really, whats your logic here? Whats your thought process? “I know, Ill call him a name first and assert dominance!”? Id really love to know.

“Kraken was op (was mostly winning with full life stage 2 or 3) but now they fixed some things and you can defeat it, hardly but you can”

So kraken was op… and isnt anymore, because you can hardly beat it? Really? Really?

Kraken is still “op”. Just because you can beat a kraken, doesnt mean its not “op”. Being OP doesnt mean unbeatable. Being OP means being over powered. And kraken is, currently, over powered. But the largest reason kraken is overpowered is less about its current abilities (They admittedly need some adjustment, but theyre not terribly off in and of themselves), and more about how they broke his flight code with the initial balance patch. In trying to change how CC abilities impact his flight, they broke a lot of his flight mechanics revolving around his momentum. He can now move in ways he was not intended to- Ways that make him harder to hit at moments he was supposed to be easy to hit (Meaning he avoids a lot of damage and bonus damage he was designed to take), while simultaneously making his abilities much harder to dodge. So hes dealing more damage than intended, while avoiding a lot more damage than intended. And amusingly enough seeing as in changing how CC worked on him was their main goal, they basically made CC nearly completely worthless on him.

Ye crybaby as everyone asking for buff/nerf on this forum. Listen to the community and you get this :

  • Griffin sensors are op
  • Maggie (Daisy) is op
  • Abe stasis are op
  • Hank shield is op
  • Bucket turrets are op
  • Cabot amp is op
  • Sunny shield + boost are op
  • Lazarus device is op
  • Val tranq is op
  • Caira heal + boos are op
  • Markov mines are op
  • Hyde nades are op
  • Torvald mortars are op
  • Parnell shotgun is op
  • Kraken is op (too much in the air)
  • Wraith is op (too stealth)
  • Goliath is op (too fast)


Ye it sounds ridiculous, as it is in most games actually with the community asking for buffs/nerfs for things (weapon, character, monster etc…) they don’t use/like.

Honestly it’s really boring, the forum is full of nerf/buff threads.

So no, the first sentence was not to be dominant, it was to show that i’m bored of those players who always bring op threads. If we listen to all of you, everything is op. It’s sad.

Easy way to know if the Kraken is op would to have the statistic, is its percentage win significantly higher than other monsters ? Make it often on the ground in a fight (like 50% of the time with tranq, stasis or harpoon) and Kraken will barely win a fight anymore.

But that’s what most of players want right, useless tiny monsters cuddling hunters. I mean look at how is the wraith now. Take the average to really good wraith players on PS4, they won’t win against a good hunters team.

By the way, in the BETA, before any patch, Kraken and Goliath had the same win/loose ratio… i don’t think it has changed now.

Doesn’t it have a 75% winrate?

I don’t know, has the developpers posted anything about it ?

Took me a while to find it.

Of course that was a month ago so his win rate most likely changed a bit.

What is the x coordinate legend ?

Kraken win rates are slightly above Goliaths’ till 37 where it is significant.

Here is a video of a PAX EAST Kraken :

I’m not seeing an op Kraken. Stage 1 it is chased, hunters didn’t play that good and could have deal more damages (like 1 or 2 bars). Stage 2, a fair fight, destructive Kraken which does a tone of damages BUT take a ton of damages too and then a Kraken fail to flee.

Another video showing that a Kraken doesn’t dominate when hunters have skills :

It is just about teamplay.

I believe a lot of anti-kraken changes, and also changes to lightning and vortex (not to mention the banshee’s priming time to be added soon for consoles) will make a difference to the win rates.

Hunters who have been buffed a bit to help vs Kraken in the air:

Parnell - Missile launcher,
Slim - Spore cloud (He’s a very good medic to use if you can keep the spore clouds dense),
Sunny - Mini-nuke (Boost the assault into Kraken’s face, and Hyde turns into a very VERY scary man…),

Hunters who were already a good pick,

Caira (set monster on fire and continue with heals)
Val (Though I think she needs a bigger buff to her self-heal. As a monster player, I still think she’s incredibly squishy. Maybe if I try her again once the reload perk is fixed, she’ll seem better though.)

You can beat bad Krakens. However Kraken is a chore to fight against. Every other monster you can strategize to defeat. Kraken is mostly just luck.

Im seeing a lot of Stage 1 wins with Kraken lately. You simply put one in Lightning Strike and two in Aftershock. Use lighting strike to burn up their jet pack charge and then use aftershock. The speed that aftershock can move now means that it requires two bars of fuel to dodge. just rinse and repeat. the only counter is jump height perk which most people dont take.

dont believe me try it.