Kraken unfair to fight

I thought the wraith was bad but at least the thing doesn’t fly around all the time. The kraken seems near impossible to bring down even with stasis or hitting it constantly. Is this something the developers are aware of? If s please let me know because I don’t think it’s just me, I think the kraken is hard to fight because many hunters can’t even hit it or are weak against it (sunny,hyde etc…) If you try to dodge it’s attacks t can just fly over anything and catch you quickly. It’s banchee mines and vortex are spammed every few seconds and cause a lot of damage. Also it’s attacks seem a bit to powerful, two hits and your dead, and I play on a good team, have no problems with behemoth or goliath and even the wraith we beat(after a 40 min match of running around trying to find it) but honestly what the hek is up wit the kraken?

There’s a bug where he can fly indefinitely, even while under the effects of Stasis, Harpoons of tranqs, which is not intended behavior.
It is being fixed in the next title update.

AFAIK it’s getting fixed. Don’t know the details. Someone will surely link them shortly…

mfw the Monster is a Kraken and I’m playing Griffin.


“Oh, it’s being fixed.”


I personally find it more annoying that he can deny revives for free from such a far distance. All he has to do it throw 1 (accurate) air melee thing and it stops a revive. -_-

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it should have been fixed in the last update >.>

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Its been said by devs i think i saw a post from macman saying it but, it wont be till at a later time and it wont be before the weekend challenge. :frowning:
I find this madness and unfair to all hunter fans even though im a monster fan.

Kraken flies indefinitely if he is being shot at…it isn’t a bug

That was bad wording on my part, I’ll adjust ^.^

how i picture people who hate coming up against kraken when they see him come up on the loading screen. image


“The kraken seems near impossible to bring down even with stasis or hitting it constantly. Is this something the developers are aware of?

Im going to quote you from a few days ago: “Developers admit Kraken is broken so anyone thst uses this monster now is kind of a bi***. You can’t bring the monster down at all with stasis or anything. Next patch will make the kraken fair again… I hope”

“but honestly what the hek is up wit the kraken?”

Like you acknowledged that the dev admitted to, he is currently broken. They released a balance patch awhile ago that broke many of his flight mechanics. Fixes are expected with the next patch to fix his code. As you also acknowledged.


sorry two people use this account, cool though!

If that is true, then you are forgiven! A bit weird. But forgiven.

Give it time :smiley: The last balance patch broke his flight code and made him far more maneuverable than he was intended to be. Some notable examples are how quickly he can change direction while flying, before if he was strafing side to side, he had to slow down, come to stop, and accelerate in the new direction. Now he basically has little-no momentum to overcome, and can go which ever way he pleases. The code also broke in some built-in balancing factors to kraken. Yes kraken does a lot of damage, but part of the trade off for his high damage was that a couple of his biggest attacks slowed him to a crawl during the wind up, allowing the hunters to take advantage of that charlie brown noggin of his. The new code has allowed him to remain mobile during these wind ups, allowing him to avoid the damage he was intended to be taking (His hp/armor values reflect how much damage he was intended to take, as he was avoiding this, it made him far more durable than he should have been). This also allowed him to hit you with far more accuracy for these attacks. Aftershock was avoidable, but now if you dodge the kraken can charge after you (as long as he hasnt grounded himself). Lightning strikes position moves with the kraken, before, not a big deal, as he was mostly stopped- but now he can chase you as he lines it up (vs before where he could just make it move at a specific speed by looking). Etc and etc. Cross the fingers!

So true… :smile:

:wink: Its fine.

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You try to convince us thinking two different people are using same account to speak trash about Kraken, and act as if one does know everything about Kraken nerfs, and the other is just like “WTF is the game I’m playing?!”

Nice try, buddy, nice try!

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When is the next update? Lol 4 weeks from now? The devs don’t exactly have a good rep for delivering updates quickly.

lol that’s why it took multiple weeks for the second micropatch…

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Its some time next week :y

Son you need to understand…

Someone lives while…

Four others DIE.

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“just give it time”