Kraken traversals


So i was playing a game today as kraken and i feel that literally 80% of my in game traversals ended up bringing me to the ground instead of keeping me in flight. Currently it seems that CC does effect my kraken play, i am being brought to the ground but this isnt very important for me if my own traversals wont keep me in the air. When i use traversals in combat i slide through the air (A LOT like the goliath jump slide). This is almost a garenteed to being me to the ground unless i waste another traversal. I am playing on ps4, kraken of course, i was tranqed and stasised by abe. This occured to me all over the map. I can try to upload a video but i use forums on my phone and im so lazy its gonna be a minute before i figure out how to put the vid on here.


You raise a good point- we should focus on making the Kraken better able to stay floating in the air.


The last time I was playing Kraken, I noticed sliding as well… Confusing bug, it needs fixed.

I will enjoy when CC works though.


Confused if this is sarcasm or not T.T really doesnt seem like it but its just that random unemotional text vibe ya know?


I was being sarcastic. While Kraken’s traversals have some issues, I’d prioritize making him affected by CC and making unable to hard-focus a hunter without penalty.


kraken lately has been walking like crap, there was a time where it wouldnt let me climb a cliff -_- soo i just flew there


So i just shouldnt report this bug??? Alright… ill remember that next time even though i stated that the cc problem isnt my problem currently. Stasis and tranqs DO effect me as of right now.


Were you aiming your traversals at the ground or something? Because this sounds like it might be on you instead of a bug. Also, if you think stasis and tranqs are affecting you as a midair kraken, you’re probably wrong.


In the top 250 for kraken on ps4, ive played him since day 1. I have over 300 hrs of play almost. Im fairly sure i know whats going on when i play… good try though :slight_smile:


I mean, you don’t have to get all cocky and pretentious about it.

I’m just saying, I’ve never heard of this bug before, and clearly it has something to do with you.


Yeah dont bother posting on my topics. If you cant see the fact that i didnt even say i was good and you still call me cocky is fairly ignorant of the fact that im saying ive played a lot and know game mechanics well enough to know its not me. Have a nice day even though you dont deserve it anymore!


Sorry if this seems likd salt to anyone but i just couldnt help myself after shin even said it happens to him too T.T



I reread your post and I do know the air slide, so I guess it is a bug. Still, a fun one. Tends to help more often than it hurts.

That was kinda mean :/. Still, I’ll take your recommendation and have a nice day. It’s pretty sunny outside


Well my bad for the offence i just expected you to read what was going on and figured you understood already. Its all good and by all means do have a nice day, i cant believe its not raining though.


Yeah, everyone was so sure it was gonna rain.

Anyway, sorry about that, I didn’t totally comprehend the post the first time. :bucket_salute:


All good, sadly you caught on quicker than most lol.


Yeah i cant do the kraken challenge this weekend… im in mid air and they have no stasis and griff doesnt shoot a single harpoon but im still finding it hard to stay in flight. Fuck this.