Kraken traversal using 2 instead of 1


I play kraken a lot and I’ve noticed that when I’m flying sometimes it takes two stamina charges to dash once. Is my controller just messed up (unlikely but possible) or are other people having this issue as well?


yep, had that often enough


From what I can recall, if you traverse into the air and then try to traverse immediately after it’ll take 2 stamina bars despite not appearing to do anything.


Yeah, I’d like to hear an explanation from the devs.


i get this all the time too, on PC


On the wraith sometimes you can have infinite warps for like 10 sec

I got the Need for Speed


(Commenting on a old as crap thread because it’s an old as crap problem) This is still an issue. While flying straight through the air using traversal, it ate my 3rd one (fairly sure it ate some after this one as well. When the trapper can keep up with you on foot while you’re flying away in a straight line, that is a big problem ;p


If this is back I’ll cry.

I hadn’t had it eat many traversals like it used to since I’ve been back, however I’ve had it eat kraken traversals while trying to take off under stasis (not yet 8.0)


Considering this bug is allllllll the way back from June, no, wait, February, I think I’ll close this (We can open it back up if it’s necessary)- but if you do encounter it, feel free to make a new bug report, 'kay? :stuck_out_tongue: