Kraken traversal suggestion


I’ll go straight to the point.
IMO, Kraken damage output is fine for me… maybe~. Some how I manage to avoid Vortex - BM - LS combo (only 3/10 times that I can dodge it XD) and I believe TRS will fix BM to work as ‘mine’ not ‘missile’ on TU9.0

IMO, Kraken’s problem is his traversal. He can avoid most of the assault’s primary gun damage (except Markov) while deals tons of damage at the same time. w/o Abe or Crow, I rarely saw Kraken feet hit the ground except he gonna use Aftershock.

So here is my suggestion to Kraken traversal and still keep concept ‘King of the sky’ like TRS want him to be.

Make Kraken traversal is energy bar like Bob, while he flying his stamina wont regen but Kraken not gradually falling to the gruond too.
-Energy max is 100
-use 10 energy to start flying
-(edit) consume 20-25 energy to dash in mid-air
-(edit) has 3 seconds cooldown for dash in mid-air
-consume 2 energy per second
-has 1.5-2 seconds delay b4 his energy recharge after he touch the ground
-regen 10 energy per second when he’s on the ground
-need at-least 30-50 energy to fly again
-slow wont make Kraken fall faster, just slow his fly speed
-most important thing is Kraken will gradually fall when he recieve damage

IMO, Kraken still be king of the sky, but hunters can punish him while he recharging his energy on the ground
Max duration for Kraken to glide around the dome is 45 seconds, so it’s hunter job to make him waste his energy by dashing to avoid damge like Torvald’s mortar and both Hank orbital or play the damage race to force Kraken touch the ground.

Kraken will try using combo to burst someone down but if hunter can dodge it, Kraken must wait for another 9 sec to use his combo again or choose to use Aftershock and waste 10 more energy to fly again. And I think Kraken isnt that too vulnerable while he’s on the ground cuz he can use Vortex to push assault back or place BM to protect himself.

But Im not sure if this suggestion is real then Aftershock will still be viable?
And Jack gonna be Kraken hard counter or not?

So pls share you thought about this suggestion =)


Kraken is the worst mitigated monster in the game period

It’s funny because only kraken players knew it

Hunters think he can mitigate ton of damage (not true at all)

In 1 great dome . Kraken can lose 90%+ of his stage 1 health . We have seen it in the tournament


IMO, wrost mitigated is Bob. Kraken just make assault primary weapon almost useless (except Markov)
Everyone can shoot Kraken when he float around but he doesnt care cuz the most powerful assault’s gun cant hit him.


Kraken can midigate most of the assualts dmg? Lol? Did you play with bots or where did that come from?
Btw i would say how about fixing his traversal first before thinking of anything else :wink:


Actually I feels bots has better aimming skill than most hunter players lol, they just bad at dodging skill.
IMO, Kraken is hard to hit with assault primary weapon (except Markov but he also make his mine useless too), its my false that use word ‘he can avoid most of the assault damage’ im really sry.

But every assault can hit Kraken when he’s on the ground right? My idea is make him must touch the ground 1-3 times when he get dome not just float around and attack from afar until hunters die from his insane burst potential.


Mines are not useless

Try to put the mines in places that is harder for the monster to notice it

When kraken uses AS . He will hit the ground . Mines can hit him

Although I feel 1 snow attack shouldn’t destroy the mines

Great trapper will make assault main weapon very useful against kraken


That’s 10 bursts 0.o


Yup, but my idea is he cant regen stamina in mid-air too, so he will touch the ground faster if he use his…
Wait wait wait… I cant imagine how fast Kraken can escape the hunters LoS with his 10 bursts 0.o
Thanks for warning me, I gonna add delay between burst to my suggestion :slight_smile:


They might not change his traversal but, if they were i would say make it to where his his snowballs have some cooldown.

dangit computer don’t post until I say you do!


lol man belive me its not hard at all.
I easily win against kraken if I have a good team.
If I dont have a good team then yeah its pretty much gg but then any monster could win this.
It just comes down to jp managment,practice and situational awareness.
The thing why I love playing against Kraken is that hes the only monster that can punish hunter for making mistakes hard. So when I die from a stage 1 kraken than its because I fucked up hard and that the kraken is op…