Kraken Traversal got Buffed on T4 Patch?


@MacMan Me and my team, Epex Black, have seemed to notice the Kraken’s traversal goes a few meters further than it used to since the Tier 4 DLC Patch. I am not sure if this was to counterbalance the stasis/harpoon buff(which doesn’t feel too noticeable) or it just maybe goes the same distance, but the boost is at a higher speed now? But something definitely got changed that was not in the patch notes :frowning:


We had to change the way the code works in order to make Kraken’s moving a direction not cancel the pull down from harpoons and Stasis. As a result, there may be some differences in various places. The only intention was making Kraken pull down reliably (which still needs some additional work.)

Stop crying op at wraith and behemoth. Look at kraken for once

Just wondering do you have anything going on about Kraken?I’m not saying Kraken is op or Kraken sucks.But in every ESL Kraken is dominating the scene.We have like 20 Krakens and 2 Goliaths.(By dominating i mean picked)

So is there any talking going on about that?


Yup, we’re working on it.