Kraken Traversal Glitch


Greetings Evolve Community. I don’t normally go on the forums, since I’d much rather be no-lifing this amazing game, but I feel like the glitch I will discuss is an easy fix, and it can easily cause you to lose the game on a competitive level. Some of you may know me as the global #1 Kraken for Xbox, Yeti the God. I have around 1500 wins with Kraken, and 775 total hours played on Evolve.

Before I get into it I’d like to address people’s feelings towards the Kraken, and his apparent “OPness”. I feel people misunderstand him, and more so how to play against him. Kraken is a decently balanced monster. He just excels in pubs because hunters don’t utilize their time outside of the dome, and are outrageously slow in tracking him down; thus failing to keep pressure on him and get in much needed evolve damage. Kraken is simply a high damage dealing, high damage taking monster. If hunters fail to put Kraken on the defensive, they will find death near at hand. In the competitive scene, hunter teams consistently beat Krakens now because they understand how to play against him. They run jetpack recharge, abuse the auto-aim, and take Krakens down with ease. Kraken used to be the most used monster in ESL, but now that hunters know how to counter him (and abuse auto-aim), top Krakens are having to switch to other monsters. Please keep in mind I speak as unbiased as possible.

Now to talk about the traversal glitch. At a high level of play every second matters. Half of the game is literally a race. If hunters catch the monster in an evolve they can take off multiple bars in seconds. The fact that sometimes one air burst traversal uses up two, is devastating. It means you have to spend the next 2 minutes training the hunters to the other end of the map, so you can beeline towards the spot you want to evolve at. (If it occurs multiple times, which it frequently does.) Also, when trying to burst away from a potential dome, you need all 3 bursts to escape in most situations. Being that Kraken is already the slowest monster, he really needs every single traversal he can get. At least, for competitive play. I can’t tell you how many times I have been domed and as a consequence, killed, simply because the game used up two of my traversals and I couldn’t escape the dome. While nerfing and buffing is important to balance the game, I feel like glitches that have been in the game since day one such as this one cause great imbalances, and are desperately in need of developers’ love and attention. @MacMan @DamJess @MrStrategio @MajorLeeHyper

P.S. Yes, I am fully aware that a thread regarding this glitch has been created, but seeing as nothing has been done about it I felt like I had to be an advocate for the cause. Thank you for your time! Happy hunting.


Abuse auto-aim? Lol something else people crying about


@Seto Being able to tap the left trigger to replace using the right joystick and lock onto the monster is the definition of abusing auto-aim. Hunters should not be able to rely solely on auto-aim; they should be guided by it, just not rely on it. Even hunters on team Vanquish and other top competitive teams agree, and I quote “feel guilty” when abusing it. Accuracy should be used in top level games, do you not agree?


Yeah I’ve seen this too. Part of the reason why I don’t use him…

Although if that were the case I wouldn’t be using the Wraith considering her bugginess with her abilities and warp traversal.

@MrStrategio The Wraith has a tendency (mostly in combat) to over extend her travel distance with her Traversal Warp and sometimes this helps and others it’s a fucking nightmare. Not sure if it is intended or not but it sucks like hell.


Yeah I’ve seen the Auto-Aim and done it a few times with Hank and it’s really lame. Not even CoD handholds this much with its childish player base.


then start playing on pc your competitive gamestyle. people use not auto aim here :octopus:


Actually there are people that plug in a controller and the game activates autoaim if i’ve heard right, on PC also.


Be that as it may, a Hunter player with a keyboard and mouse still has a noticeable advantage over players using a controller that allows basic auto-aim functionality.


You see thing is it’s not basic it’s completely op and broken, you just aim your first shot on the weak point then continually spam the aim and then you’ll get ALL your shots on it(unless the monster turns away from you but then it will just lock onto to the body) They at least need to fix it from locking onto weak points because that’s just so broken it’s crazy.


Yes this “Auto-Assist” needs to be looked at by the devs and they’re aware of it.
Do you guys have an opinion on the actual topic of this thread, the traversal glitch that’s very noticeable on Kraken? We should stay on topic


The transversal bug for Kraken should be an easy fix. Not sure why taking so long. Also didn’t know that autoaim existed on PC. Here I thought I was immune from that crap.