Kraken too easy to win with


I find it very strange and questonable that kraken is gettin more and more buffs dodging aftershock and lighning stirke were already hard enough. I get that it is hard to balance this game in general and you have to make it balanced for competitive players as well to make it more interesting but you gotta understand that pub teams getting dominated by really sloppy players.It takes a pro team that plays twice as good to beat a normal kraken. His damage avoiding potential is too high the abilites come too fast off cooldown and he pop literally all deployables by hiting the aftershock key. Also wildlife buffs should be removed from ranked games espacally the big buffs such as Damage reduction healthreg and damage bonus.Wildlife also adds a huge random factor in the game that can snowball very quickly. (My solution) reduce the hp of bigger wildlife kinda like the trapjaw damage difference.

Other mentionable problems

Weather issues
Most maps favor the monster some are unplayable (broken hill mine)
Heads up start for the monster allows them to get a buff advantage
Behemoth shouldn´t be able to attack the relay while having a rockwall up it gives him a free win on certain maps
Monster getting stuck on random objectives when they try leaping
Jacks repulers is kinda userless against kraken holding him up to avoid aftershocks doesn´t work etc
Monster laggin out of domes while climbing


They balanced Kraken for pub games, he had a lower winrate in their telemetry. Yes, in the hands of good players he’s easily the best, probably too strong in combat, but they had pubs in mind when balancing him.

Personally I think his combat strength needs a Nerf and his mobility a buff.


Sadly I’m at work for another 4.5 grueling hours, otherwise I’d do a comment about these things.


I can relate to the OP, kudos.


I’m for it. Let his flight get the movement speed perk/buff increase at least.


I haven’t played with a Kraken for awhile, so there’s not much I can say.


I can’t play Krackin at all, just get my ass handed on a silver plate in minutes when I try!!! LOL!


first of all i’d make krakens elite perks not all 10% damage and rather reduce cd, cast time or increase range, like with all other monsters.


Maps don’t favor either Hunter or monster. There are spots on maps that give advantages to each side. But not entire maps.

Broken hill mines is a great map. How is this unplayable?

The monster getting a head start is not a problem at all.

Why shouldn’t the behemoth be allowed to use rock wall and attack the relay? You allowed him to get to stage 3…

When you leap as a monster, make sure you have a clear path.

Jack is one of my favorite against kraken. It limits his mobility and if used correctly you can keep him on the ground.


This is because many people suck with him (myself included)

If you play Custom, you can change this.

this just isn’t true. Especially for the Mines. It’s easy to lock a Monster in a section, corner him, and kill in one engagement. Tracking is also easy as hell.

Has to happen, also, most wildlife doesn’t spawn in the beginning, so even with a buff, it’s nearly useless

One of the best forms of CC if you now how to use it. Can keep a Monster from moving entirely. If this isn’t your thing, Abe’s Stasis Grenades actually pull a Kraken from the air, grounding him and creating a literal no-fly zone.

This is a bug and should be reported with video or picture evidence.

Bob is the easiest to kill. Like for everyone. It’s kinda sad.


i agree with everything you said minus the broken hill mines part. its honestly a very tough map to play on as a monster. im a silver elite (i know rank means next to nothing) but if i was fighting a full silver elite hunter team, it would be hell plain and simple. most high level hunters are high level because they abuse the OP comps in this game while they can and everyone knows this fact. TRS knows but they need to wait for the TU to be able to fix the broken-ness. mines+chase comp and GG basically. only a huge misstep by hunters would allow for maybe a few strikes if lucky.

its a tough map for both sides but overal, the higher the skill level the more hunter favored, whereas on the low end its more monster favored. this is a tough game to balence it but they can do it i hope


[quote=“Therubexcube, post:9, topic:79652”]
Maps don’t favor either Hunter or monster. There are spots on maps that give advantages to each side. But not entire maps.

Broken hill mines is a great map. How is this unplayable?[/quote]
And a map that has a lot more monster favorable spots than hunter favorable spots or where the monster can easily avoid the hunter favored spots because there is enough room to navigate around them are monster favored. broken hill mine is a good example for a monster favored map, because most spots are tight to navigate and have at least a small loop. i wouldn’t call any map unplayable, but not all of them are balanced.

[quote=“Therubexcube, post:9, topic:79652”]
Why shouldn’t the behemoth be allowed to use rock wall and attack the relay? You allowed him to get to stage 3… [/quote]
For the same reason people complain about god domes.

it’s not always easy to tell what’s a clear path and what isn’t. especially trees are hard to judge. when walking, most trees break apart if you just look at them funny but try jumping past one and just barely scratch a branch and the tree stops your leap.


While your points arent wrong about the mines, its also favored towards hunters in the sense that once found, youre pretty much never getting away.

for the behemoth rock walling the relay, it forces a team to use better positioning or for the monster sake worse positioning to stop him from killing the relay, which at the end of the day is the monsters true objective.

the last bit youre totally right on so yah lol


Um yeah just like the picture says since when i play kraken and get caught by all 3 of maggies harpoons I only destroy 1 while the other 2 remain intact. I don’t remember but the same may go for kraken.


Just because a map offered advantages to “both” sides does not arguably make them balanced within the context of how this games mechanics actually work.

Take medlab and weather control for example. Are there bad places for the hunters to fight the monster here? Yes. Do the hunters fight in these places? Under nearly all practical situations, no. Theyll have the assault poke his head around the corner and chip at the monster the entire time- Forcing it to move. If it doesnt move, oh well. The monster is the one on the clock trying to eat wild life to evolve. Not the hunters. Worst case scenario theyll chip until all the armor is gone and then make some kind of move.

Now of course some might say “well the monster could just avoid the areas thatre bad to be domed in! And stay in areas thatre good for the monster to fight in!” Sadly- THese are few and far between. And to be honest, MOST of these areas, with proper dome placement, suddenly become hunter favored. Theres a HUGE degree of power-potential for someone who makes the walls. He decides what areas/loops/nooks/cubbies/etc get cut off or made.

The other big problems, especially on maps like this- Is its impossible to get away. Medlab is in practice basically a giant rectangle. If that dome is on cooldown, the moment you cut from up or downhill to the other, youll be domed. The moment you cut across, youll get domed. Once the hunters have your general location, theyll be more than capable of closing in on you, and more than capable of spreading out enough to cover all possible pathways.

Weather control is a similar boat- Your either “outside”, or youre “in the caves”. If youre outside, the hunters basically have LoS on you at all times. Its a BIG open area. If youre in the cave, well, youre in the cave. Theres only a couple ways in/out, and the cave itself only has a few actual areas. So much as sniff anywhere in there or use an ability to down some wild life, and the hunters will know exactly where you are.

How about the dam, you every try to get away fro ma team on the dam? Youre either on the left side of the river, or the right side of the river. And each side has very, very limited pathways to hide/get away from the teams. Your best bet is to pick a side, down down it, and hope youre evolve-ready by the time you need to cross, which is where youll get domed (Go left as monster. Plenty of mammoth birds, dune beetles, and megamouths to fill up on).

Then you get maps with horrible bottlenecks. Maps like rendering plant come to mind- Where once you cross from north to south, youll be getting domed. Broken hill mines of course, theres 3 zones and all connect smack dab in the middle- Meaning a trapper needs to only situation himself between you and the center- Poof, domed. Broken hill foundry is flat up tiny and has the same issues.

This of course doesnt even begin to touch on the maps with very strong hunter-favored relays. Something nearly every game can come down to if the hunters desire it. The details of the relay mechanic are a whole can of worms in and of itself though for another conversation.

Look at the maps you tend to see in competitive play- big, round maps, fewer forced “choke points” in comparison- Orbital drill, distillery, etc. Theres a reason these maps are generally considered “balanced”.

100%, there are maps that favor one side or the other.


Don’t forget the fact they won’t always fight at the relay. Weather control for example they might fight on the other platform close to the relay and shoot the monster off. The only real time they have no choice but to fight at the relay is when bob decides to turn the tables and make sure they have no choice but to fight there.
Edit : plus for kraken they will fight on the outside of fusion plant relay on the platform outside. In other cases they will fight where they have height advantages so the door next to the relay in which from on the cliff they can shoot the monster off the relay.


I was fine with Kraken, so I dont get why they keep buffing him. Im not saying Kraken is OP now, but its like TRS is trying to make him OP.


Actually, I have a fair amount of trouble with Behemoth’s. The easiest monster for me is Kraken.


Yep- Concur entirely. Which is why i was talking about the relay mechanic as a whole. Theyll use the relay to pull you exactly wherever they want around the relay.

I understand “why”. I just completely disagree.

Ill totally say it. Under a lot of circumstances, i find kraken to be a bit too powerful. especially when you compare his capabilities to those of the other monsters. His mechanics as they are now, will ensure hes Always better than the other monsters from a purely competitive view point, for a lot of reasons. I strongly think kraken needs to be dialed back.

But on the flip side, i feel theres also hunters that need to be dialed back. As it is, kraken is capable of dealing with the “strongest” hunter metas on relatively equal ground. So from this and this view point alone, it sounds ok- But what about any other (ie lesser) comp of hunters? What about when this comp comes up against the other monsters?

TRS is in the ballpark for the balance overall IMO- But the problem to me is they keep trying too hard to cater to “everyone”, the overall telemetry. Which results in exactly what we see now- High skill ceiling powerful characters that do good in competitive getting buffs because average joe schmo cant do it himself and they bring down overall telemetry, or the exact opposite- With characters like behemoth who do piss-poor in competitive, getting nerfs because pub hunters dont know how to fight him effectively bringing his win rates up. (Theres plenty of examples with the hunters for this as well)

Ive said it before, and ill say it again, i strongly think this game should primarily be balanced around the high/competitive end of the spectrum. Balancing for captain hurp and his sidekick durp who wont stay in the game for long anyways and dont understand the full mechanics/concepts of this game justs skews things at the top :frowning:

Whee rant :smiley:


[quote=“TrickshotMcgee, post:10, topic:79652”]
Especially for the Mines. It’s easy to lock a Monster in a section, corner him, and kill in one engagement. Tracking is also easy as hell.
[/quote] So isn’t this hunter favored? Which is just as equally bad as monster favored?