Kraken Tips? Anything?


Trying to elite my Kraken currently. Need some pointers on Banshee mines since I don’t use them and I rarely ever go to stage three. I’ll either do 3 in vortex at stage 1, or put 3 into aftershock at stage 1, and always 3 in lightning strike at stage 2. and at stage 2 that’s generally when I will win.
Lightning Strike: Done
Aftershock: Done
Banshee Mines: 6/60… -.-
Vortex: 100/275


Yeah, banshee mines take a while to master, sines they are very situational. Mining the drop may give you 1-2 every match, and forcing fights in tunnels may help with both mines and vortex. Main problem is that hunters do not cluster too much, so hitting a successful mine/vortex is more accidental than intentional.


I just use the banshee mines for’s very easy to take down a four meat creature with level two mines. at stage two I would go with max lighting strike and either max mines or two mines on vortex. to level up other abilities I get them at stage three. I win a lot of games at stage two with only one thing being the same. I always have level three lighting strike.


I have seen stage three banshee mines destroy the hunters and their great for hunting.


Yeah I elited him the other day haha