Kraken thunderstrike movespeed is bugged


When doing thrunderstrike, Kraken will move at full speed now. This makes avoiding it nigh impossible.


It’s Lighting strike FYI :slight_smile:


Thunder is a sound :wink:


Dont tell that thor.


Either way, it really needs a hotfix. He’s hilariously overpowered right now.


The lightning movement is one thing, but it’s not really something that makes Kraken overpowered.

Full move speed on Aftershock, on the other hand, is just absolutely ridiculous. 3 Jetpack boosts and you’re still not out of it, bam, 50% damage every cooldown.


This. Keep Lightning Strike the way it is but Aftershock… woah.


Kracken is cranked up to new levels in this patch. Almost the new wraith lol. The computer AI kracken even seems different now. It dodges non stop in the air and instantly course corrects away from mortars and orbitals. I kinda dig the challenge, but I dread going against one of the top kracken players right now. We will at least give em hell, blood, and vinegar, mates.


Yes, it is. He isn’t meant to move like that. It makes it extremely easy to move your strike around as well as run while still destroying the hunters, at LEVEL ONE. It’s nigh impossible to dodge.

This was not intended.


Lightning Strike is a skill shot that can be seen coming and can still be dodged. I’m a Kraken main right now and people still can avoid the Lightning Strike if they time it well.


You’re a kraken main. That explains WHY you want him to stay bugged.

He was absolutely fine before this. Why do you think he suddenly needs this?


That is assuming I have some kind of bias just because I play Kraken mainly. Maining doesn’t mean you play just that role, I also like playing as Hunters occasionally, mostly as Hyde who tends to have trouble against Kraken.

Lightning Strike was just awkward at first, not very responsive/smooth when aiming and now it feels just right.


It wasn’t supposed to be smooth. It was supposed to be aimed correctly with prediction of where hunters would flee. Now it’s nothing but cheesing a game.


You were salty about that guy abusing it yesterday XD


I sure was, I think that was my first real exposure to 3-point aftershock since 1.3 hit and the bug set in.

I can see how lightning getting full speed makes Kraken too strong in that it lets him chase and hit hunters that are properly kiting around objects, but full speed aftershock is far far far worse.


Lvl 3 Aftershock has always been good, but undervalued. With this bug it makes him extremely OP, and likely banned in ESL.


Before the glitch Caira alone could keep people up. Dodging lightning and shooting banshee mines reduces a normal Kraken’s damage significantly, to the point where Caira can easily keep up. Caira/Hank is total overkill at that point.

With the bug, though, aftershock/strike is a guaranteed hit for half your goddamned lifebar every recharge. There’s nothing in the game that can keep up with that kind of DPS.


Make a video and tag the devs or macman with it. Only way they will see it.


I actually don’t think either are bugged, because they both work that way in the tutorials


Kraken was arguably the strongest monster before the patch and this bug. Full movespeed during Aftershock and Lightning Strike is simply broken, because it makes Krakens a lot harder to hit while making it substantially easier for them to deal maximum dps.

It’s impossible for medics to keep up with it.