Kraken t15


Want to watch me grind to kraken top 15 in world?
Twitch: jmasta334


I wish people would stop bragging about their ranks in this game. It’s merely just time spent playing a certain character.


Its merely wins*** played by a certain character.


Anybody can coach 1k basketball games, but coach K was the first to WIN 1k :wink:


My point is, in this game it doesn’t mean much. As the monster, people can luck out 9x out of 10 that they go against a bad group of hunters. But at the same time, if you enter as a premade group of hunters…your rank can shoot right up.

I first started off mainly playing Goliath and that’s it besides a few random hunters here and there.

I then started focusing playing Abe. Like 1-2 days later I’m rank 130.

I love the game and all, but I’m just saying because this rank-bragging thing is wicked consistent. :stuck_out_tongue:


You seem to have a devils advocate side regardless of the topic, was just reading a post about elite skins being too much of a grind and easy, and you disagree there too… Hmmm


No. Not at all. Did you only read one of my many posts?

I’m sure numerous people agree the elite skins are underwhelming or it being a grind/not a grind. To me it wasn’t that hard to get. Meanwhile I’m sure others think exactly the same or exactly the opposite.

As for the topic on hand. Im simply stating my opinion. Whether you want to listen to it or not.