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Stage 2: Kraken Strategy, Tips and Advice


So, let’s talk about how painful stage 1 is. Lol

I currently go with 3 aftershock stage 1 with damage resistance for the inevitable dome nowadays, but I’m thinking of switching resist to feeding speed.

I try ofc to eat as much as I possibly can before the ship arrives then depending on the trapper, follow up. But always I want to distance myself from the ship as much as possible.

Aftershock really helps with mammoth bird groups, 1 is good, 2 is great, 3 is a blessing. They can’t really run, no wildlife, if they are close. Not much else to say. I only choose this over vortex for farming because I have less than stellar aiming often, without a coffee. Plus aftershock is more guarenteed group kill. It does make a lot of noise though…

In battle I employ the same strat, group them up, and shock 'em. Pubs eat this stuff up, but I fought some sneaky non-pubs and I have to say, this strat was a complete failure. Well, I hit my targets, but not one of them were dying. Qq

If I get the chance to evolve I just go for max damage with 3 abilities. The ultimate goal stage 2 is to goad them into the shock using the other abilities, namely mines and LS. LS behind them punishes them for paying attention. They often run right toward me as I slowly inch the strike to me. I don’t intend to kill them with a level 1 skill, but to group them up for shock. If they strafe than it is easier to hit them with it normally, but If it misses ok, I know how they deal with it.
Again, I miss quite a few shots, so LS hasn’t really worked for me at 3.

Mines do the same thing but are also good for general dps and those rare occasions I’m losing too much health at that point or at the previous stage. Stick them upwards on walls, behind corners, and right on cliffs where I suspect a hunter will climb such as the medic.

Vortex at 1 doesn’t do much for me anymore besides dps. Is this move even good anymore?

At level 3 im just putting a point into the 3 abilities. Nothing new. But I rarely get here. It’s over stage 1 or 2. If I get here I usually win by dps.

That’s my small strategy, does anyone have any tips that I can improve with or possibly any questions?


Interesting, although I disagree that vortex is bad. I prefer to put three points into vortex stage 1 because not only does it help you feed, but if you managed to get domed stage 1 you can use it to push the assault away from you while you’re kiting, although I prefer to run stage 1 instead of fight so if that is your goal aftershock might be better.

At stage 2 I either go 3 points into LS or AS depending on the map. I use the vortex to stunlock someone then come in with the heavy ability. The stunlock prevents them from being able to dodge the attack.


Yeah I’m fairly aggressive lol

Hmm, I’ve probably been undermining vortex ability since the nerf. I will give it a try in the morning over aftershock and see what happens. Do you know how long the hunters are stunned for? Is it the .75 seconds or is that only related to the knockback?

I have seen a flux of monsters opting for another 3 point at stage 2 instead of spreading their points to 2 other abilities. Is this the new meta? I’m confused, I thought more level 1 abilities combined were stronger than a level 3 ability while offering more utility for a situation. Is the utility/damage just not there? Is it accuracy issues? (More chances to miss with more abilities, less damage if missed) I like to have all my abilities as a monster, because I thought having all 4 would constantly keep the cool down working and the damage flowing freely, but if this is suboptimal I would love to change lol

Also which perk do you personally use? Seems a lot fit the kraken quite well depending on the style of play.


What is the best perk for Kraken? Like for a vortex/aftershock stage 2 build?


Depends. For Arena I would say CDR all day. For hunt I normally take move speed to help with breathing room for the first evolve.


I’m not sure, but I often will run a 3 vortex/3 aftershock build at stage 2. Start with 3 vortex because it’s great for quick meals at stage 1, and then into 3 AS for heavy damage. If I go to stage 3 I’ll grab 3 mines to mix it up. I’m garbage with LS so I never bother.


That’s exactly what I use. CDR for arena, MS for hunt.


Im gonna be writing tips and tricks on how to kill krakens if you have tips tricks or facts share em and together we can calm the comunities tits (maybe)


So first off i like kraken lets just get this out there i dont think he needs nerfs if you know how he works you know how to kill him now lets get started first off

Lightning strike: to evade a lightning strike and utilize the effects make sure youre spread out if he can only target one hunter he cant re,target others rendering it usseless if you dodge, second when hes casting it hes slow and cant do anything use this time to really hurt him

banshe mines there pricks large splash homing and quite unhittable but here,s some tips on how to not get hurt by them: first off try to stay away from the kraken they have a time in wich they arm utilize this time and if you are the medic you should shoot them if youre not healing youre one of the classes wich should be not as nessesairy in combat shoot them so youre team can keep shooting the kraken


Vortex: to counter vortex you have to know a few things it is a fast casting ability wich moves reasonably slow your best shot at dodging is to stay spread out and on the ground when fighting a vortex try to have 2 bars of jetpack at all time thus its best to stay on the ground or on a rock use the jetpack minimally so you can always dodge atacks same goes for aftershock and lightning strike

Aftershock: this is easy to counter simpely stay on the ground and dodge same goes as for lightning strike stay spread out and if he casts it dodge away from youre teammates he,ll have to choose you ore the rest of youre team now when hes casting it hes slow and near the ground you can try to orbital him or just damage him as much as you can

Next ill post some tips for things like aiming and leading shots



We all appreciate the tips. No questions asked, we do. But there’s a thread about it already over here, containing all similar tips n’ tricks over there.

Would you mind if these got moved over there? We can surely get someone with the powers on the case.


S’all good, happens. :smile:

Now watch as I’ll make someone do this for me:

@MidnightRoses Even though it’s ungentlemanly (Not sure if that’s a word) to ask a lady to do anything at all, I must execute such terrible act. Need help over here!


I believe this is where you wanna go.


Yup, use the thread that @Kaiser linked, we are trying to amass a huge collection of information for players on all sides.

  • To improve your chances of connecting against Hunters with Aftershock, try activating the ability while still out of range in the air above them - then after 1 second hold the Sneak key and descend rapidly on top of your enemies before they can realise they need to dodge away.

  • To improve your chances of connecting against Hunters with Lightning Strike, try activating the ability while targetting the ground beside the target rather than directly on top of the target itself, then move the target-indicator towards them. This will shave off a second or so of their reaction time in which they realise they need to dodge.

  • After recent patches the Banshee Mines have a fairly long arming time from the moment they are released to the moment they start moving toward nearby targets. As a result it’s no longer very practicable to use them as direct-attack long-range weapons; instead, when in a domed combat, deliberately aim 15-20m or so behind the Hunters with the Mines. This will improve your chances of inflicting damage before the Mines are destroyed by Hunter fire; they will be concentrating on you as you Traverse around in the air, not looking behind themselves to check for threats there.

  • If you kill Hunters and you see the dropship approaching to respawn them, go into the air just as it pulls to a halt, wait beneath until you see movement from the Hunters as emerge from the ship to begin falling, then activate Aftershock. They will fall helplessly into the radius of your blast.


Any arena tips? I currently run with 3 points in LS, 2 BM and 1 Vortex (Vortex and BM / vice versa)


Late reply sorry. Try 3 points in LS and 3 points in Vortex. Use vortex first then LS, it’s a good combo.
Or then 3 points in Vortex, 2 points in LS and 1 point in banshee mines.

And for the ultimate OP combo what most people hate.

3 points in AS and 3 points in Vortex. Use vortex first then skydive with AS on them, booooom! major damage done.

Try to stay in air, and behind pillars, only get close to hunters when you are sure you can do more damage than you will take. But don’t play like a pussy.

Oh yerah always focus on support or medic first.

I hope this helped.