Kraken still seems OP


So, after playing the Big alpha religiously and thinking about it after religiously playing him again in the beta now, I honestly think he is OP. I was able to destroy hunters at stage 1. Admitely, they weren’t the best in the world but I never thought I had the disadvantage in that fight while I do as a Goliath. I’ve seen numerous people agree with this opinion and seen others destroy hunters at stage 1 as well. Something just really feels un-balanced with him, rather it be his mobility so he can avoid damage or his redicious damage output… But something does feel wrong and I wouldn’t mind seeing a Kraken nerf in full game release.


He’s fine. In the Big Alpha I killed just as many Krakens, even in pugs, than I lost to. That was before the nerfs between then and now.


I’ve played about 5 krakens so far as a hunter - still havent lost to one yte


What did they nerf on him? Because, I hardly see any difference.


I think you just got lucky with a poor group of hunters. I was playing wit a group earlier and we beat a kraken stage 2 with our assault dead the entire fight.


Word to the wise - Never fight a kraken in a wide open area. Cliffs and caves are your best friend in a kraken fight. Just gotta have a trapper that knows what he’s doing, and a little luck never hurts.


I think the difference between Kraken and Goliath is that they’re dramatically different. Goliath, okay, fine, it’s a big ugly bastard that charges at ya punches you in the face. You adjust to this, you understand it, you can deal with it. Then after playing like a dozen Goliath games, you get a Kraken. Oh man, what’s the deal with this guy? He can fly, he’s shooting lightning, there’s fucking screaming testicles homing in on me, I don’t know what to do about this, this is completely different than the other one. During their first few games against Kraken, newbie hunters are gonna be completely confused and terrified until they get the grips of things. The beta JUST started, give it a while, they’ll pick up on how to deal with it.


id say keep playing. it will be a day or so until the matchmaking pits you agaistn competent hunter teams. then your thought of op might change quickly. dont base op on beginner level pubs. keep murderin and ull be up there soon enough :slight_smile:


Lightning strike is harder to hit, the ranged air attacks have a longer delay between hits and Vortex AoE was shrunk. Those are just the ones I know about, I wouldn’t be surprised if they changed more but just slightly. I think it’s all just experience. Same thing will happen when everyone starts playing Wraith. Everyone will complain about how OP it is until they realize how to beat it.


I’d honestly hold off on the OP calls on Kraken, he got severals nerfs from the Big Alpha.


I feel like you start falling after a dash more quickly than in big alpha making combat the same but easier to catch one earlier if it is different. Unconfirmed tho


I see, but I still don’t find Lightening Strike that hard to hit to honestly. I do feel the nerfs the bit (Although my friends don’t but that’s their opinion) but I still think the amount of damage is pretty redicilous IMO. I just personally wouldn’t mind a little longer cool down on Lightstrike and maybe it would be fine for me. But, that’s just one persons opinion.


its not you. its them. jetpack management is reaally hard to get a handle on in the early stages of learning. hell i still misuse it. they are proly boosting everywhere to get close to you leaving easy lightning strikes. thats what i noticed when i was hunter. i need to not use jetpack fuel at all vs kraken until the abilities come flying


Lightning strike is the easiest ability for hunter to dodge. Whomever you’re playing that isn’t dodging your lightning strikes with a simple jetpack burst is simply a bad player.


Good point but to be fair you usually have to use a lot of Jetpack to catch up with the Kraken. At least from my experience.


We’ll probably get a bout of “kraken is UP” or something or a reversion at some point.


I thought the same too. but good players will save at least one dodge in the chamber to dodge it. ull see man just keep winning i promise the challengers are rising the ranks with you.


I suppose you’re right. I’ve gotten better at handling Krakens throughout the alpha but it still feels like something is off. I dunno, maybe I’m just too much of a whiner lol


I think about a month after release when everyone gets more familiar with the game and the mechanics it will balance out better. I think it’s just a matter of matching your play style to the monster you’re playing, and everyone is just used to the Goliath.


Kraken isn’t op. You just have to fight with some tactic. Kraken is mostly a ranged monster so hunters should find a spot to fight him, where they can get up hight or hide behind rocks while the other team members are attacking the monster from different spots. But don’t fight in small one-way spots because then you will get a vortex spam.
In the alpha I won with some not well playing hunters and in another round against a stage three kraken with a good team and I also won as a kraken in every stage atleast once. This game is about tactics. It’s like judging after wathing the first five minutes of a movie. You have to try out so much. It can’t all be done in the alpha and the beta together. You just have to find a good play against your enemy. Also the monster still is supposed to be really strong. Evolve wants to generate a smart, thinking bossfight without some repetitive movesets. And how often are you trying even agains a normal boss? You just have to play DarkSouls1 until release and you will get a sence of feeling for tactics :wink: