:kraken_stare: Kraken Infographic: Ability Stats



Ummm… What am I looking at here? >.>


Kraken stats. :kraken_stare:


What are the numbers next to the hunters?


How much damage it does, compared to their healthpool. This style of damage comparison is most commonly referred to as “LIT Damage”


Oh, cool. Thanks.



the banshee mine is really mis leading. I think you should just handle in terms of one banshee mine. So the damae wouldn’t scale as much(more like other abilities, but the cooldown would go down because it’s only referencing one mine. So at stage three it’d be 5 and at two it’d be 6.


I thought about that, and asked around. People wanted to know the maximum potential if you used all 3. But i see what you mean. I left the damage numbers in the diagram right above it, to help clarify that confusion.


Looks awesome

Slight critique- I find the inclusion of radius figures, on a circle, without obvious (or what i can see to be obvious) indicator that those are just radius measurements, and not diameter measurements ,a smidge misleading.

But seriously- This is awesome stuff.


Wait, are you telling me that lightning strikes does less damage each level? WTF WHY


Cooldown decrease


I think that’s cooldown? :slight_smile:

This is pretty awesome, btw! Very nice for a reference. I appreciate the sizes of LS, AS, and Vortex being provided, too.


U sure??


That post is referring to the silhouettes. The number with the clock is cooldown. How would a clock = damage amount? :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: And in the silhouettes, the damage barely moves.


i dont think so, @Seedsy can u clear this up pls?


Lightning strike:
Level 1: 540 damage
Level 2: 556 damage
Level 3: 594 damage

Compared to Hunter HP: 1600
Level 1: 34%
Level 2: 35%
Level 3: 37%

You can thank @white_hawke8 for the numbers :smiley:


then ur chart must be wrong then, why do the numbers go down?

Edit: nevermind i get it. The numbers are cooldown. so what are the colored in hunters for?


They are just there to represent each stage. The color intensifies with the stronger stage, so it’s nicer for viewing imo.


I am so confuse, how does that make sense, they’re different for each ability


Huh? Every ability shows yellow for stage 1, orange for stage 2, and red for stage 3.