Kraken stage 1 fights


Am I the only person that is a monster and kills whole team stage 1 half shield I just spit a vortex up while their landing focus medic and u no the rest I’ve lost 2 out of 40 games doing that stradegy don’t believe me I’m on twitch mikevar91 watch my streams kraken stage 1 fights I be on at after 5


yeah there is an easier way to win in under two minutes but it is dirty and cheap so I do not do it any more.


I do the same thing except I use the elite kraken mastery, place 3 points in lightning strike, I also use the damage buff. I gain full armor and try to find the good buffs. Such as cool down, damage reduction, or damage increase. However, I don’t make getting buffs a priority. Just armor. Afterwards I lay in wait sniffing. Examining the outlines, then you strike and follow the pecking order.