Kraken "sneak" attack


Not sure if this belongs in bugs or gameplay, but I feel this does affect the game majorly. The goliath has a wind-up animation to give players and wildlife to run away; I believe the wraith does too (not entirely sure, I haven’t paid super close attention); however, I feel like the Kraken needs to have it’s “sneak” attack rearranged. I was playing a game of hunt when 3 of my teammates were down, with 30 seconds left on our dropship. The kraken flew up to me, and pounced me the second he touched the ground, winning the game for him. I somehow doubt this is unintentional, and really feel like this should be addressed.Thoughts?


All monsters have the same ‘relative’ cast animation to sneak. All of them can combo with a regular attack straight into a pounce the same.


I’ve tried it on solo, the goliath kind of backs up then pounces, and it takes a good second, second and a half. Wildlife has gotten away from me because the animation was so long. With the kraken, it’s an instant attack


Send me a private message so I’ll remembe rto do it, but I’ll show you all three pounces and that they are all pretty instant.