Kraken Sneak attack, bug or exploit?


Just thought I’d ask rather than straight jump to assumptions.

Last game was against a Kraken that seemed to have a rather long range on its sneak attack, coupled with it not breaking the sneak attack when shot until whomever was pounced was incapped.

This particular Kraken player continously used it, no matter what we did, we’d always end up with someone incapped, The Kraken would flee and armor up, rinse and repeat.

In stage 3 the player just chained it, nothing we could do.

Just wanted to bring this to attention as I’m aware shooting a monster is supposed to break the sneak attack, but in this instance it simply wasn’t.

So bug or exploit?


kraken got like no cooldown on sneak its almost spammable


Must’ve been. Not sure which, but one of the two.


I’m not sure about the whole “not breaking sneak attack”, but I have definitely also experienced a kraken spamming the “sneak” attack. It has no wind up animation like the goliath, and so it can essentially win a game by running up to the last hunter standing, while taking shots, and “sneak” attacking them.

This has happened to me, and note the quotes around sneak lol