Kraken : slowest monster needs walking speed buff


thread about kraken, i’m clearly going to start off by talking about the wraith.

the wraith has warp. (very quiet, fast, hard to track.)

the wraith has warp blast (loud, three times as fast as warp, impossible to track unless you see it or hear it.

now goliath:

charge, he gets a sprint.

and his traversal is a very nifty, fast, jump.


hover-burst thing - loudest traversal, but possibly fastest on it’s own if you’re going downhill. a lot of players seem to have problems with it hitting the floor.

so you can probably see by now the basis for my argument. other than the fact that the kraken is a quadruped and should be able to sprint faster, it has less abilities that can be used to relocate to start off with, so also giving it the slowest movement speed IS a mistake in my opinion.

oh and stasis grenades pretty much own the kraken’s movement. you can only move with the burst movement.

feel free to post arguments and counter-arguments. kraken IS the slowest monster.


Actually, Kraken’s traversal is the worst for escapes. It’s the slowest, leaves a very obvious trail, can be upset by intrusions, and, unless in ideal conditions, covers very little distance. :confused: Wraith’s warps cover a short distance but are fast. They are impossible to trace unless you see the Wraith warp- it leaves pink trails.

Goliath’s traversal is best. :smirk:


While I do agree with you that Kraken is the slowest when it comes to its traversal ability, there’s a plus side to it as well. As it hovers, holding down the crouch button immediately after about 2-3 seconds of hovering also renders it a hard foe to keep an eye on. Just imagine a Kraken floating, and then he sinks down while still moving forward between terrains.

All in all, to traverse well with the Kraken, one would need to have high sensitivity if you would ask for my opinion. That is to look up towards the sky with a quick swipe, burst to the air, then look down and start hovering downhill, crouch for landing and walk and repeat. It makes tracking harder and also somewhat more confusing.


I play mostly Monster since the Big Alpha and at the end game the Kraken and Wraith’s flows start to show themselves when you play against skilled aggressive hunters and put the odds against you.

I think the aerial traversal speed is meant to be used in combat alongside Airburst for quick dash but it need a minor speed augmentation,

The general problem lies in his walking speed which need to be augmented. Since Kraken isn’t supposed to be airborne all the time he shouldn’t suffer from slow walking speed. In Stage 2 he move like a truck and it’s almost impossible to outrun Hunter if you don’t move up and down on terrain.

So i’ll suggest to buff his walking speed after Stage 2 and give a minor speed augmentation to Traversal after an Airburst.

Another thing, the Lightning Strike need to be more visible for the Monster and should be able to be moved around object like rock and trees more easily. I’ve lost a good game because my lightning strike couldn’t get past a death tree…


I see you naming Stasis grenades as a bad thing for Krakens (which it is ofcourse) but you forget that Abe players/hunters have a huge downside to having this awesome grenade, namely a very lackluster way of actually finding the monster.

If you can’t see the monster as Abe, or are unfortunate enough that he isn’t eating tagged wildlife, then hunters are just moving around. But, the point Abe is making is simple: when I find you, I will make your life miserable.

That, in my opinion is the base idea behind Abe’s mechanics, no matter what monster you face.


Agreed worst traversal ever. Slowest (by an immense margin), loudest, and the ONLY ONE that leaves a giant glowing permanent trail.


the actual walk speed is the slowest by stats too


I wouldn’t see the jumps used as Traversal but more to throw them off. Jump in one direction, then sneak to the right. Kraken has the ability to be VERY illusive since his jump always leaves a trail. Use it to your advantage!


Walk speed is the same for every monster, it’s been confirmed by the devs. Only exception is the behemoth.


I have no counter-arguments, this is overall correct.

I don’t see why that means that it needs a buff, though. It’s not weaker, it’s different.


The main question to me that needs to be resolved is this: if you assume a well-coordinated hunter team, can it be impossible - or difficult to the point of being effectively impossible - for a decent Kraken to escape after the dome goes down. Escape, in this context, means breaking away from the hunters far enough to get some distance, eat, or potentially evolve.

Consider Caira’s acceleration boost and Abe’s tracking dart - if the hunters are following and know where the monster is (as may be expected with Abe after a dome), they will have at least an initial boost to following.

The goliath’s jumps and wraith’s warps put near-instant distance between them, whereas the kraken’s boost is slower and relies on the long glide over uneven terrain to slow down the hunters. This will vary by map; some have a further ‘downhill’ direction for long glides; when there is more ‘uphill’ the kraken’s flight will be severely reduced. However the ‘downhill’ maps are also good for the hunters - jetpack boosts last longer during long drops. So the hunters are faster on maps/situations where the Kraken is also faster, to a greater extent than is true for the Goliath or Wraith.

The main tool the Wraith has at its disposal seems to be the Vortex; using it to push back a pursuing hunter team. We cannot assume the whole hunter team will be able to be hit by a single vortex; therefore at least SOME hunters will stay on top of the Kraken. Using Caira’s boost actually increases the chance of the team being bunched up. However the vortex also requires the Kraken to turn and fire, which wastes some of the traversal period before it drops to the ground.

The other distinction that I think is necessary is that Kraken’s traversal depends on staying airborne to cover terrain; which means it is high, visible, and targetable by rails/sniper shots/etc - more vulnerable when running rather than less.

The traversal is largely fine as it is - might increase the height boost or air time a little. However I think the Kraken would benefit from a little extra walk speed as the OP suggested - particularly at stage 1 where using the noisy self-exposing flight is a dangerous thing.

Just my two cents. Bear in mind I’m not an avid Kraken player myself, largely due to bad experiences against good teams that exploited all I have mentioned above.


Kraken has the slowest traversal but that doesn’t automatically mean he needs a move speed buff. You need to look at the Monster as a whole. Kraken has the most utility with his traversal and he also a ranged Monster. I always kite Hunters around the map spamming Vortex and Lightning strikes on them if they are on my trail, that doesn’t need making any easier.

A flat comparison between X, Y and Z Monster is a terrible base to an argument.

Kraken is largely about kiting to avoid damage and is in no way a fragile Monster. He really does not need any buffs at all, especially a move speed one.

At level 35+ play Kraken is the strongest Monster at the moment.

The only Monster needing buffs right now is Goliath.


Been playing lots of Kraken lately. Punish them enough for following and they WILL back off.


Seconded, he is the only Monster without traversal utility. Coupled with the fact that Stasis Grenades remove your vertical space near instantly (yes, Stasis 100% negates flying, you drop in a second), Kraken definitely needs a walking speed boost.


Is it weird that when I hover and fly backwards that seems to work for me… I’m crazy, yep :disappointed:


Right now all the monsters move at the same speed; there’s no reason to make Kraken walk faster than the other monsters.

@MacMan already said they’re testing making the stasis grenades and tranqs only pull Kraken out of the air and not slow him anymore. This seems like a much more sensible solution.


Kraken is the only monster that can effectively fight/punish hunters for “foolishly” following him. Just hover & shit over a Crowbill/Tyrant, throw a ranger attack in there to activate his combat mode, drop banshee mines/vortex behind you and you’re done. GG for your escape. Expect the best, prepare for the worst. Be prepared for when you are tagged. Remember that tyrant in that cave ? Yeah, he’s your best friend. That megamoth too. Just hover, use crouch to land on him, vortex him in the pool/megamoth, enjoy. Bother their friends so that they can’t easily help him. If you successfully transform a 1v4 in a 1v3, you effectively won.

Unless you’re real bad. But then, you just have to train.

Nothing to fix here, move along.


You’re a mad genius! Love it!

That’s the stuff that I pull. You can harass the shit out of them for tailing you.