Kraken Size


So Kraken does get bigger it seems but it also seems he doesn’t get AS big as Goliath? Like I don’t see as much of a difference size wise when Kraken evolves compared to Goliath but maybe it’s just me.

Anybody else able to tell if Kraken gets all that much bigger? He does seem to get a little bit bigger with each evolve but a stage 3 kraken doesn’t look all that much larger than a stage 1 kraken while the interactive trailer showed Goliath getting quite a bit larger from just stage 1 to stage 2. Again maybe it’s just because Goliath has more bulk or something though. So curious as to what you guys think or noticed about kraken’s size.


I didn’t think there was much difference between stage one and two either. Maybe it’s just because Kraken is new whereas we’ve seen a lot of Goliath


Its not about the size but what you can do with it :stuck_out_tongue: i also did not see alot of difference but im pretty sure they did this because lots of time when Kraken is trapped in a mobile arena you see him hiding in the air behind rocks etc. and i think if he was made bigger you were still able to see and shoot him.


Yea, I was mainly just asking to see if I was crazy or not! :stuck_out_tongue:

But also it’d be kind of cool if Goliath was the BIG ONE, since that is kind of what his name implies. Goliath is scary due to his sheer size and brute force, Kraken strikes me as a more creepy monster floating through the air with lightning crackling around him.

Both are still awesome, I’d actually prefer if all the monsters kind of varied in size and if Goliath is kind of largest.


What this guy said!

It looks to me that he gains a lot of AOE abilities and armoured skin.


What I mainly noticed what a slight increase in size and the line of spines down krakens back grow longer


One of my ideas was that some monsters could not grow by evolving but get, like more tentacules, or arms… well, you know. Something cool and interesting.


I definitely think it would have been neat if, when a monster evolved, the player had the option to pick between branching upgrade options that would not just grant new abilities, but might seriously alter the monster’s playstyle and appearance in different ways.

Probably would have sucked up too much development time, though.


The more E3 gameplay I watched, the more I noticed the size difference. At first it doesn’t appear too substantial, but there was a moment in the second day of the tournament where Malik as the monster just hit stage 3, and as he came out the monster stood upright.

And boy, did his size become noticeably and substantially different. I think with how hunched the Kraken is a lot you don’t get a good judge on how big he actually is.


We tried it early on, it wasn’t nearly as cool as we thought it would be, and yes, it made monsters ridiculously expensive from a development point of view.


Yeah, would have made Monster DLC almost out of the question because they’d be too expensive to produce. And we want to make lots of monsters!!!


That’s a shame. I would have really liked to see visual alternatives with different branches of mutations. Like, say, go one way and Kraken becomes this oily mass of tentacles, go the other way and he becomes a spindly gargoyle. Would have also given the hunters a way to guess at the monster player’s choices based on his appearance after evolving.

Oh well, can’t have everything.


Staging up does give impart some visual changes, spikes get bigger, claws get longer etc…


I dunno, the way I see it the Kraken definitely looks around the same size as the Goliath when both are at Stage 3, maybe a little bit higher but I’m not too sure!


Yeah he does, although he looks a lot larger when he’s flying because his tentacles are spread out