Kraken problems!


Hey guys,
so i was playing a game as the kraken. However when I tried to get away from hunters my monster was suddenly wrapped in like “energy rope” which slowed me down and took away my ability to fly away. I don’t know what this trap is or who uses it but it’s OP as crap. The hunters maintained a distance because i was unable to reach them because of this and i was done in 2 minutes at lvl 3. Some information on this would be nice!



Stasis Grenade


how to get away from it?


because it wrecks face and is too op


“Unlike Maggie’s Harpoon Mines or Griffin’s Harpoon gun, there’s no tether for the Monster to break, instead the Monster is in slow motion lockdown for about 15 seconds, or until it gets itself out of the grenade’s area-of-effect, whichever comes first. Considering that you can toss five of these at a time, a smart Hunter that can line a Monster’s path with Stasis Grenades can change the entire dynamic of a match.”


You can’t remove it, you just need to get away from the grenade on the ground. Once you’re out of range then it’ll disappear.

You may want to study up on some of the hunter’s abilities, theres a video tutorial section you can access in-game.

Knowledge is power. Ignorance is Death.


Don’t burn all your stamina for one, and two stay in the air as much as possible as Kraken, if you’re in the air I’m fairly sure he has to peg you with the grenade for it to effect you. Shouldn’t be too hard to dodge. And can we not call anything that inconveniences you when you don’t even know what it was OP? Knowledge is half the battle.


it is a bit op. the fact that one skill of a specific hunter can change the dynamic of the game is ridiculous. Don’t tell me all abilities affect the dynamic of the game because i know that already. The fact is this take 15 seconds to go away, you have 5 of em’. maybe narrow it down to 3? Because it is indeed OP, if not for the kraken in the air it’s for the Goliath on the ground. 5*15=75 lets say 3 hit that is 45 seconds you can’t do shit (sorry for language). They could easily take down a beast with full health in that time because when hit you can barely move. The only thing you can do is go sit in a corner, watch your screen as you die, cry a lot.


also is maggie the ,only hunter with daisy? because i’ve seen another trapper with daisy.


You’ve never seen another trapper with Daisy, it’s only Maggie. There are WILD Trapjaws though, you may have seen one of them after the hunters killed the rest, the wild ones are almost always in packs of 4+

Markov’s mines? Area denial for Goliath/Wraith, changes game dynamic. Same for harpoon traps, mobile arena, Griffin’s harpoon gun (wait til you fight a good Griffin, that’ll make you really think OP), Daisy doesn’t let you sneak properly, changes game dynamic and its a passive. Laz’ revive? Can’t leave hunter corpses around. Tranq from Val?

I think you get the point by now. Also, if he hits you with that many stasis grenades you need to be Vortexing him and then fly away, I’ll double check but I’m pretty sure it doesn’t prevent you from dashing.