Kraken Players: What's your opinion on Aftershock?


Hey fellow Kraken players! I’ve lately found myself ending games with Aftershock not even used. This lead me to the decision, to maybe not even skill it anymore?

What’s your opinion on it? Also, what is your normal Skillorder & your perk to go with?

~ Sharper

PS: pls fix jetpack climbing


I guess after it had been severe nerfed, it’s not worth evolving. But maybe I’m wrong. I suck as Kraken very hard. Haven’t played melee Kraken yet.


Why would you play melee Kraken though? 3 of his abilities are basically designed to get yourself as a Ranged Fighter. There are some points where you combo Vortex into a Wall and shortly go melee, okay - but else I’d say Kraken is the Ranged fighter, just because of his Flying ability already? : o


i think it totally sucks now, several times i evolved it to 3 and was not able to hit hunters with it reliably even when i dropped almost right on top of them since it has huge tell and long wind up. also i am under impression that evolving it does not increase its range.


I find its map and hunter team work dependent. If im in closer quarters and the hunters like bunching up Aftershock does serious work. if the map makes using lightning strike difficult i find its easier to just drop on the hunters with a surprise aftershock.

the skill is good but its best when used in conjunction with close quarters and bunched up hunters. i normally take it stage three anyways just for the extra damage while everything else is on cool downs.


Mhh, what maps would you take it on then?

I myself just thought about completely dropping it (i know, sounds ridiculous) - but a third point in Banshees wouldn’t be bad… : p


max lightning strike at lvl 1 go get armor and engage, run away when armor is gone, you’ll have gotten at least 1 strike up

2 points in vortex 1 in banshee balls and armor up again, engage at stage 2 and it’s gg

never even tried to use aftershock it just doesn’t really fit the kraken’s kit imo


Well, i dont like it to much, my go to build is at stage 1 i put 2 points into lighting and 1 into vortex, and at stage 2 i get both lightning and vortex maxed. Usually i can end the fight at stage 2, but if i go stage 3, i find banshee minds to be really useful so i put 2 points into banshees, and 1 into aftershock just to have it if needed


when the hunters take you out of the sky after shock shows them why they should leave you up there.

also you can start it fly around and right before it hits drop out of the sky onto the hunters scattering them. it fits krakens kit really well. esp on the Dam with the caves. itll one hit a 2 incapped hunter just like lightning strike.

i take 2 vortex 1 banshee or triple vortex at stage one and i like to see how the hunters fight. and ill take lightning or aftershock based on what i see and the map im on.

Aftershock is no joke.


Interesting Idea’s. I often take 1 LS, 1 Vortex, 1 Banshees at stage one. (Could maybe drop banshees, but i like to leave them here and there.)

Normally i am maxing LS and Vortex, with 2 points in Banshees.


vortex 3 then 1 of all the others

vortex has huge aoe in a line, i use it for kiting at max range

like that sharper guy said just keep at range


It’s horrible.

I mean, it does have its uses, but it goes against the basic principle of the Kraken, which is to strike from afar, away from the Hunter’s weapons. Aftershock, beyond requiring you to be close to the Hunters, has a quite limited reach, even on tier 3, and the damage is negligible when compared to the other, much safer skills.

You can scare Hunters when they get close, you get cornered, or pulled down, but… As a Hunter fighting a Kraken, I totally ignore the Kraken’s Aftershock. In fact, I try to make use of the time it wastes charging it up to do something nice like chipping its health or reviving someone.

It’s much stronger to have all skill points equally distributed between the other skills. That is not to say that you can’t play effectively with Aftershock. it just means it’s better not to.


The better the hunters, the better aftershock gets. Hunters will get to the point where they will bring you to the ground for periods of time and flying gives you the momentum to quickly move in with aftershock, so just dropping out the air while using it or bursting towards them then popping it as you burst make it a lot easier to land. Really depends on the hunter’s ability to force you to the ground.

Some areas on the map will make it better it too. Kraken’s not great at fighting in caves except when he takes aftershock. Orbital Drill also has a relay that is pretty great for Aftershock if you fight the hunters in there. The fusion plant relay’s probably good for it too.

I’ve used it on the beta after not bothering with it on the alpha, it’s been pretty useful for just bursting down to hunters and finishing them off or punishing close positioning (though lightning strike and vortex do that too).


I love stopping a revive or if I think Laz is moving in by aftershock divebombing and immediately dashing straight up and banshee mining/firing a vortex down while I climb and get distance again.


I go 2 after shock and 1 banchee at stage 1. I use it to dive bomb large packs of wildlife for a quick feast. At stage 2 I add 2 LS and go to 3 aftershock. I like after shock, if I get the hunters down to half I just dive bomb them with aftershock and they’re incapped. I like to hit and run as the kraken distracting them with banchee mines and then dive bombing. Markov is a big pain in the ass though because he can just reck my mines and focus me.


I prefer one point in each of the other skills to start and then max vortex and then one point in mines or lightning. I’ve had a ton of kraken games that end stage 1 within 4 minutes with that build. In one of the matches I played I maxed aftershock since I was tier 3 and the power relay was in doors, I could reliably hit all 4 every time but the floor was covered in mines and sentry bots so it much easier to cling to the ceiling and just vortex all day.


I go 1 in banshee, lightning strike, and vortex everytime I level up.


Don’t use it anymore since nerf, it’s just not needed for me.


I like aftershock especially when you use it near a down hunter and you KNOW lazarus is right there trying to revive or they catch me in one of the buildings on distillery. I usually get all the abilities and max Lightning Strike and Vortex then 2 in aftershock and one in banshee mines


IMO aftershock is to counter good stealth use.

Other then that its sort of a wombo combo for certain setups and ideal situations.