Kraken Passive plus BM changes!



I find that strange that 75 Is all it takes. I also would like it if all monsters got Passives


People only played her as much because she was third tier (because it MUST mean that she is the strongest) and because so many noobs complained about her being OP (thus most noob and “expert” Monster Players picked her because again, she MUST be the strongest if everyone is complaining about how OP she is and they want the best chance at winning without ever really testing any of the other Monsters out extensively).

@10shredder00 Do I get a cookie?


I was talking about how the people played her not how many people played her.


Sorry i know this is a necro but the thread was here and open so no point in making a new one just for this… Was it ever stated what kraken (or gorgons) passives would have been? Could someone tag an appropriate dev and ask maybe?


I’m really sorry to do this. Although the thread has been closed, we (leaders and moderators) strongly recommend to create a new thread with your question (perhaps you can refer to this thread) from where others can then comment on it.

That said, I will have to close this thread so it can rest in peace.