Kraken Passive plus BM changes!

The “To Do” list says a Kraken will get a passive and Banshee Mines changes!

Now just Wraith and Gorgon are passive less.


Will they finally be mines and not missiles?

well they said that in the last livestream…

well they are mines atm thats why every decent team can shoot them before they do any dmg

Doesn’t make kraken any less a pain in the ass :slight_smile:

i think the new kraken will piss alot of people off even more

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I don’t doubt it. He’s always been hated and nothing will stop that.

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I believe Wraith Passive is in the “Active” category #makeWraithgreatagain


I say remove passives and actually balance the monsters, including Behemoth.

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Wouldn’t go that far, I’d say passives are helping balance monsters. Not saying they are balanced yet, but they are helping them along.


You just don’t know how to fight monsters since you ignored all other advice from literally almost everybody. Besides passives are actually helping balance the monster pretty nicely and makes the monsters more unique.

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They will become mines. :open_mouth:

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A car that has a flat tire can be replaced with a spare. That spare, however, cannot replace the flat tire. It’s only made to temporarily replace the tire, and let the car drive to the nearest location so the tire can be fixed/replaced.

The passives are the spare trying to be the actual tire.


Kraken might actually be viable soon with a change to mines/aftershock.

@XplosionIncorporated Passives are more like the 360 tire. Adding complexity to the tire to make it function better.


Not going to lie, great analogy. But I disagree, the passives are the new tires that we have to learn how to play against. Just like whenever new content is released.


But normal cars don’t need 360 tires (omniwheels).

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If it allows them to operate better why not? Not every problem can be fixed by following the same design. Taking the simple wheel and adjusting minor numbers on it won’t change the performance greatly.


Things I hope to see with banshee mines:

  1. visual clarity added. Maybe an obvious “vapor trail” similar to hunter jet packs as it travels through the air or something along those lines.

Good hunters are watching for mines. Entry / mid don’t see them. They’re hard to see and kraken has no “obvious” animation.

The result is entry / high level players react entirely different. Making it easier for ALL levels to react on a similar fashion will help let them buff them for high tier play without utterly destroying low tier play.

  1. I’d like to see banshees changed so they have more “consistent” damage. They do almost nothing against high level teams, but can easily be triple stacked to do around 1000 damage on low level teams. For the same reasons as above, I strongly feel this needs to change.

I feel They need to do more damage to high tier teams, but less damage to low tier teams.

Imagine banshees that whistled out, and then exploded into a bubble zone like behemoths lava bomb (but not as big)- making a screaming banshee sound while you were inside of it, doing damage over time as it did.

I feel this might help cover a lot of bases in one swing.

It’d help give kraken some zone control - something he doesn’t have but I feel he could benefit from. If the damage of the dot was powerful, but the duration was short, you’d ensure that you get reasonable damage- and giving players the “audible” confirmation that “hey I’m in this pain zone!” Will help players of all levels react similarly. Oh I HEAR the banshee scream? Dodge out of it!

From here kraken could continue to lay banshees in front of that hunter, forcing them to a) skirt through more dot zones, b) use up jet pack, c) possibly coral hunters into other abilities of they carefully observe/predict which direction theyre going - i.e. Lead them into lightning strikes. All without relying on hard tumble locking them into it.

From here we could play with all sorts of other obvious banshee goodies. Maybe they explode at the start as they Burst into a dot field- doing a bit of damage up front- helping ensure each mine does at least a little something. Maybe they burst at the end, meaning there’s a bit of extra punishment for staying in the dot field for too long. Maybe they can be shot like they currently can be to keep them “in line” spiritually with what they are now. Maybe shooting it prevents both effects. Maybe it prevents only one. Lots of possibilities to play with


Now we just need a passive for Gorgon and Kelder.




Passives add another layer of complexity, yes; but they also allow Monsters to be finer tuned… which would be great if they were balanced in the first place.


I think passives stand a chance to be one of those things that actually has a huge impact on balancing monsters- especially the weak ones.

Behemoths passive only comes into play if he’s being punished hard by the hunters. If he’s doing the squishing - he won’t benefit from it much.

This concept alone could go a long way. Abilities that start to shine only when the monster “needs” it, and shine brighter the more it’s needed. It’s like an active, dynamic, handicap that makes the monster stronger the more it needs to be buffed. Be it monster or player related.

I’m really hoping all passives go this route. This has the potential to be one of those game changers that helps monster players of all levels play on better footing against hunters.