Kraken or Elder Kraken?


Hello , i started to play Evolve again :smiley: im currently trying to find a few monster i like to play , so far im playing Gorgon alot , but im interested in Kraken as well , the question is which one of them is harder or better ? both seem fun , and if some one have a nice perk setup for them and what to skill at stage 1 ,2 and 3 i would appreciate to hear about them :stuck_out_tongue:


I am maining Kelder atm, am really enjoying it. Kelder is more ‘in your face’ than OG kraken


Kelder is much more close range like goliath, but with Kraken you have the ranged advantage


And what should i skill with them ? and i can use the same perks then i do at the others right ? ( Haste , feral instinct and Evolved Recovery )


I like to go with
minor: feeding speed
major: traversal cooldown
superior: ability cooldown


And what should i skill at stage 1,2 and 3 ? or are all the attacks good ?


I started out maining Kraken, but recently ive fallen in love with kelder. Im a huge fan of his ability to trap hunters in big burst damage scenarios. Death spiral is currently my favorite monster ability in the game. Even if they get out of the aoe, it sets you up perfectly for a banshee missile or lightning strike. Also note that ds goes through terrain, so you can mitigate and still do damage or catch hunters running around pillars or walls.