Kraken OP ? Byebye Evovle -- Top 5 Kraken's word

As a Kraken player on PS4, I have 400W/2L 40hours. even though it is random but i think my Kraken Skill is at least more than “Normal”.


That is Only on “Random”!!
TRS do you know how Monsters weak Against Professional Teams (A littble bit Professional is Enough, For example, Four 150hours+ players)? Ok maybe you never see it and only listen to some kids here said Wrath OPPPP, or Kraken OPPPPP.

I show you the data, the Topest Wrath, Behe and Kraken against a Good Team in Europe (I dont wann to show the players name maybe some of you saw parts of it on Twitch, they have an amazing leadborad, For example, No.1 Warth in the world), and Monsters Win radio is LESS than 20%!! And this is Before Patch (The newest Patch).

Let’s talk about Kraken
Kraken’s Flying Speed is sooooo slow why you guys said Kraken is OP unless You are Noob??? or you Level 10 ?

That’s my final Word, Byebye Evolve. I love this game but i have to say, TRS has very bad Data Enginner


…I understood the ‘byebye’ part. So uh… Seeya?


I have no idea what you are trying to say. Only the “ByeBye” in that case don’t let the door hit you on the way out.


I think you need to see how GOOD Kraken players play.Kraken is not OP it just needs some bug fixes.Like Kraken is supposed to come to the ground when harpoons/stasis grenades or stuff like that hit him.It doesn’t.And also Krakens do have a winratio of something like 75% against good teams in every ESL.

Inform yourself before writting needless topics.Its too boring for mods to clear this up


Topest… I think I learned a new word today lol. I read your post a couple of times and I can’t understand what you are talking about.


God damn it everytime i watch this movie this scene always gets me.I put the speakers in the highest just to hear him and see this.


I smell a troll here.

Reasons: 40 hrs for 400 wins…highly doubt that. Lets do some math here, to get 400 in that time frame you would have to play 10 matchs every hour. Take away the map load times, say about 20 min(given if they are 2 min load times for each map and character select) that only leaves 40 min per hour to get those 10 matches. That is 1 match every 4 min.

So unless you fight the Hunters right as they land from the drop ship or VERY soon afterwards I highly doubt you pulled off what your claiming.


I love when a random Math/Scientist person just pops up and ruins everything.

Thanks Siy :slight_smile:

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I love it when people say bye, but are still lurking to check for responses. XD

[quote=“hugh645, post:1, topic:56839”]
Win radio


Strange because Kraken have a winratio over 50% in competetive.

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My new favorite gif :bucket_salute:

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