Kraken on Defend - Broken?


Firstly, I want to say that I hate those guys who scream “OP,OP” on everything and that this is only my opinion and you can disagree with it freely.

I played as monster through Evacuation against real humans. They were about the same level as me (I was 8 at the time) and they weren’t exactly bad (they kicked my ass at Nest). But when we got to Defend, things got ridiculous. Basicly Kraken breaks Defend, because his abiliites are so long ranged and deal large amount of damage.
You can snipe first and second generator’s turrets with Lightning Strike like nothing, all that while using banshee mines and vortex to fuck hunters up. If they leave their station and go after you, minions destroy generator that has no turrets in no time. If they defend, there is nothing they can do. You just snipe turrets and generators like nothing.
I had about 8 or 9 minutes left when I got to third generator. Then you just drop banshee mines mixed with lightning strike like crazy person and they have no chance…turrets get blown up and generator takes absurd amount of damage from Lightning strike. I don’t want Kraken nerfed or hunters buffed, but maybe turrets could use a little buff, either increase their range or buff their health (I’d say their damage is ok).


On the defend map they’ve used in the livestreams I have wondered about that. The height of the upper level totally exhausts a full jetpack and the Kraken can just kind of fly around up there totally above the fight. If they do actually make it up there (vortex) then the Kraken can drop down forcing them back to the bottom before flying back up.

I haven’t played but this concern just kind of strengthens a curiosity about that as a problem I’ve had for a few streams now.


Yup.Yup.Yup. Very true on the Kraken being great. But many strats can destroy this. 1 hunter to kill minions. (Hank with orbital) and the other hunters get the Kraken down with damage if the kraken dosen’t pay attention.


Lol try Wraith on defend, it’s awful. But anyways, the minions are very flimsy, turrets>minions, so that leaves Kraken vs Hunters.


Like I said, turrets are almost non existent with Kraken. One lightning strike with 3 points + about 3 ranged attacks and a turret is gone. At third generator there is more of them so it kinda evens out but you can break through the first two in no time because it is more or less Hunters vs Monster + minions.


I’m saying the minons will base rush, then hunters can attack Kraken. They lose strikes from dropship. It becomes a game of kill Kraken in 10-15 min.


But that is exactly the problem here. Minions will base rush, which without protect will go down FAST. So as hunter you have to either focus minions (which can actually survive hard beating IF they have bonus armor) or Kraken, but if Kraken is anywhere near competent he will not go down before minions destroy the generator. Kraken can then rush through to another generator to fuck turrets up again.


Ah, I thought minions would lose to turrets.


More armor for monsters is
-Kill the minions cause there very tough

More armor for turrets
-kill the Kraken cause the turrets are like buildings


Val’s tranqs can ground the Kraken. Griffon’s harpoon on tranqed Kraken, Hank’s orbital barrage.
Dead Kraken.


I do not disagree. krakens ability to 2 shot the turrets instantly is pretty dam broken. it was a cakewalk. the other two however have a much harder time. i havent played goliath yet but wraith is nearly impossible. takes a full duration supernova to kill 1 turret. ur almost dead at that point.


Just wait for Behemoth hail mary’ing lava bombs from his spawn.


Really it probably should be about defending the minions as they wail on the generator. It would be more appropriate if the generators would only take damage from melee like the Hunt generators.
It is beyond annoying to have a Kraken snipe the generators and then if you wanted to dome him in to prevent his escape suddenly it’s 4v3 as two goliaths rampage through the team


You guys worry about generators too much, first two generators should be considered time for you to damage monster enough for you to kill him on 3rd generator. In another words, generators are there to bait monster in, if the monster is hitting generator he is not hitting hunters which means you will have good time DPS ing him.

The fact that monsters goal is to kill generator not the hunters is its disadvantage.

And when his armor is down, dome the thing. Now you’re weakening him for the 3rd generator fight. After the dome goes down leave the assault to DPS the minions, the other three will go to the jungle and hunt kraken to prevent him from feeding by shooting him and killing wildlife if it comes to that, the map so small - its easy.

Point is, you’re a hunter and you hunt monster, you’re not playing tower defense. Once that is given, you’r strategies open up.


but your dome must be leashed to include the generator (and you must hope the generator survives). If not, the minions that arrive will rampage through your team with knock-backs. Any competent monster can easily wipe the floor with a team distracted by two Goliaths (particularly if they have armour). Then you’ve given free time to beat down the generator.

Overall the point is that Kraken outclasses the other monsters significantly since he can output so much ranged damage. The idea was to make any monster pick as valid as another.


Yes Kraken is extremely good on defend, but Goliath and Wraith have an extremely difficult time. Wraith the most.

With Wraith you will use probably most of your health just getting past the first generator. After that, good luck buddy. With Goliath it’s a bit easier because at least you can throw rocks, but it’s still very difficult.

So buffing the turrets would just make things harder. Hunters already have defend extremely easy. Besides of course Wraith. But defend in general is poorly balanced.