Kraken Needs Speed Buff


I Mean seriously the kraken seems only slightly faster then the behemoth but the behemoth can roll halfway across the map and even airstrike is slow and limited


Kraken does not need any buffs at the moment. A stage 1 Kraken can defend itself pretty well with air superiority and too many monsters are stuck on running anyway.


WHAT? YOU CRAZY? :scream:


Kraken needs faster casting speed and instant kill melees.


Yeah that would just make kraken way to OP just flying in and OHKO-ing everything


Yep, I think it needs another buff. It doesn’t have a 100% win rate yet.


Like the fragile Maggie that got bullied by a Stage 1 Kr last night?


I hate taking the speed buff as kraken, you can’t shoot anyone because you fly too far. (and the bugs…)

For me, it would be a nerf XD.


Now you’re just tempting fate. And @Shin.


No one can talk ill about Maggie! She survives no matter what.
How is Maggie fragile? -.-


True she can pack a punch and she has no trouble finding you thanks to ughhhh daisy


Daisy is rather simple to juke once you know how. MaddCow taught me and I’ve abused the hell out of the tactic in pubs. Glorious. :stuck_out_tongue:


She is certainly not fragile under most circumstances and she is my favorite Hunter! This was a special case. She domed a Kraken and about 15 seconds into the fight she had a little less than 50% health and the Stage 1 Kraken somehow downed her with one regular melee. It was unreal





I swear! I went nuts! @Skrewyluie was there! Because up until that point we were destroying the kraken


Kraken is the bane of all hunter existence.


It’s funny- I used to love fighting him in the Beta/Alpha/Launch. He was pretty fun to battle, not ridiculously hard to trap…


He used to be fun to fight, now he’s so damn annoying…


You’re damn annoying.


I know. : /