Kraken Need Buff, Laz need NERF, and monster only matchmaking

I am a monster only player. There needs to be a monster only lobby. I hate playing as the hunter and that matchmaking penalty that happens when you leave a lobby. I close my app to bypass the min wait on ps4. As a monster only player, I noticed since the update with the nerf of the kraken, the kraken really sucks now. Melee is horrible, defense is weak, and low health (barley better than the wraith.) My K/D tremendously since, and ive been battling and struggling to stay TOP 100 with him. He was my primary but now its the behemouth. He seriously need a buff ASAP!

Now onto laz, his laz device is OPOP. He needs a limit on it.( or he can only resurrect twice with full health, then after have the marks on the hunter health.) His Invisibility last way too long, all other monster only player understand my pain.

This 4 vs 1 game, where the hell is the monster only lobbies (Im a solo player)?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!!? I hate spending 10 min (Excluding Load Time) to find a lobby for a monster slot, that hasn’t started, very frustrating!

Please if anything, bring a monster only lobby!!!

EDIT I’m a monster only player, and this is just my suggestions! Really hate playing hunters!


I’m not sure what to think of this thread, I like the monster only idea, but your views in regards of balance are kinda weird, but I’m not gonna get further into that. :s



Kraken is the current flavour of the month that is pretty widely agreed to need some nerfs whilst Laz is pretty widely agreed to be UP.

I disagree. Kraken doesn’t need a buff. Lazarus could use a few modifications, but not an outright nerf.

He said kraken was his main but now its behemoth because he is better…

I think its safe to assume this thread is a joke…


Yeah, I’m beginning to think that this may be a troll thread.


Kraken Buff ? Really ? U want 2 make the OP Monster more OP. and laz is fine u just most know how 2 counter him

Asks for balance changes that go directly against widely agreed upon stances towards characters? Must be a troll.

monster only lobby is a good idea

laz isn’t op

kraken isn’t up or op

I disagree with all of this.

AHA! HAHaha… haaa… wait. You’re serious aren’t you?

Oh god, this thread isn’t going to end well.


Okay enough fun had, @TheMountainThatRoars would you be so kind?

Wow, you are clearly really god damn bad at the game.

Not only is Kraken one of the best monsters, if not the best monster in the game right now, but Laz is the worst hunter in the game.
And on top of all that, Kraken is literally the best monster for countering him.
No monster can camp bodies like Kraken. He is the anti-Laz.
If you’re seriously losing games to Laz as Kraken you are god awful.

How about, everyone calms down. This really isn’t worth getting worked up over.

That being said we have existing topics for all these discussion points that should be used. Please feel free to post your comments and constructive criticisms there.

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