Kraken Morning, Noon and Night


I would think you are wanting too much. There is no way Kraken will aim accurately with his melees at “extreme distances” unless you are trying to make things look like what they aren’t.

Absolutely nothing strange about balancing around Lazarus, he has 2 seconds revive timer, and no way would Kraken ever be able to interrupt him when he is flying (what he is doing 90% of the time). How could it be strange? It seems to me it is more strange to think devs shouldn’t worry about every aspect of the balancing.

Telemetry and Game Balance
Telemetry and Game Balance
Telemetry and Game Balance
Telemetry and Game Balance

you’re joking,right? That’s like the Krakens main thing vs Laz. If you kill someone you just hover ~60 meters away and melee + mines/vortex if the team can’t severely punish you and Laz will never get that body up.


Oh, and you forgot that Lazarus can revive even DEAD bodies? Or what? It must be you joking.


If you can’t revive your dead teammate with Lazarus - then you should stop playing this game, or at least change your medic.


the bodies decay…


The bodies decay- it means they disappear on their own. I hope your e-pen feels bigger now, “feeling” is all you’re gonna get,lol :smile:


Banshee mines, vortex, lightning, he has 3 separate ranged attacks suitable to prevent a revive, one of which can fire once every 5 seconds and can store 3, Goliath has 1.5 (leap smash ceases being long range when used), wraith has ~2 (decoy is laughable, and warp blast is like leap smash), behemoth is the only contender for ability to keep hunters off a body at range, with all 4 of his attacks being able to deny revive, if he fires them ahead of time so the animations finish first.

Kraken can shut down Laz at distance no problem, every other monster has to commit heavily to preventing that revive, which is what Laz is intended to be, blood for blood, Kraken simply draws blood for no cost. He is far tougher than the wraith, who has to be up close to finish a corpse, and remain close still if Laz is there, Kraken is more than tough enough that he could go in there and get his hands, err tentacles dirty for that strike the same as the other monsters.

Kraken has huge melee radius, powerful ranged abilities, all off which have nasty knockback, a fair chunk of health, and a devastating close range option in his only non ranged power. He has more tools to shut down a revive than the other monsters without the lol nope ranged auto attacks of his, which allow him to deny revives without blowing the huge number of cooldowns at his disposal.

If you drop against kraken you are not getting up unless he allows it, it is far too much of a free win for him.

I play kraken as a much more brutish close range fighter, and I have never really needed to resort to the ranged spam to lock down incapped hunters, he just has so many tools at his disposal to do it that he really doesn’t need one that is purely revive prevention at long range.

If only there was a limit on it, such as it causing you to descend slightly when you fire it, this makes it more difficult to sustain distance and dish out damage, and would mean you could only block the body for so long, and would have to be more sparing with your currently unlimited ranged attack. Increased damage, but for every 4 you fire you drop ~1 meter towards the ground, not drastic in a fight where you are using mostly powers, but reduces the power of raw spam.


Wait, do you imply that the time you have is not enough for you to revive? Laughing out. Do you imply that Kraken should sit at his spot in the air at 60 m distance and accurately land all his melees to break Laz’s attempts until the body finally decays? You make funny jokes out of this :smiley:


Cloak lasts 10 seconds, all you have to do is shoot Laz after that to prevent revives, it isn’t even just shooting a corpse, you only need to actually do that for ten seconds while Laz is cloaked, after that you can do whatever you want until you see Laz go jumping in, or if you really drag it out cloaks again.

Kraken can shut down Laz so hard it isn’t even funny, I can ambush teams at the drop ship and win because Laz isn’t reviving anything while I am at the controller.


Yeah, I almost belived you about dropping every team with Holy ground-Kraken.


  1. Let me introduce you to the fact that banshee mines are 1-shot “problem”. If you aren’t able to solve this problem of the century - my regrets.
  2. Any of those abilities are either slowly charging - LS, Aftershock, either slow-moving - Vortex, BM. You have everything to dodge them if you are not wasting your jetpack and manage its use correctly.
  3. If you drop against Kraken and can’t get up - that is solely your problem. I have played many games vs Kraken, and can say that it’s fully depends on your team and their skill. If it would be as you said, Kraken wouldn’t have 53% win rate, but ~100%, right?
  4. If it is not such a problem, and you can easily deal with revive problems without melee spam, them why it became such a problem? Interesting.
  5. Again, stop crying and bring coordination and skill into play. My favorite match is against Kraken.


Oh, okay, mister “I FORGOT WE HAVE SECOND CLOAK” and “I JUMP INTO MONSTER’S FACE WITH LAZ COS I HAVE A… SNIPER RIFLE”. But let us not to forget every other member DEAL REAL damage to the monster all this time.


Except you can’t because Kraken can sit as far away as he wants and will still be capable of disrupting.
Have you ever played a competent Kraken before because it honestly seems like you haven’t, all the stuff you say is
A. Basic Kraken things that even newbs can figure out
B. The most common reason why Kraken is so damn strong, if he downs someone there is 0 means of getting them back up (except Val, Caira, Slim using healing devices).


Explain me 47% of the games that Kraken players lost? DO you understand that you literally say next: “Kraken flies far and high, hits like a sniper both downed body and rest three hunters, managing to evade all damage”?
You yourself just brought 75% of your “problem” solution - Val, Caira, Slim. And now you want to put reviving dead bodies Laz at par with no cons.


I am speaking from the position of the Kaken who eats everybody. with a k/d of 30.

Terrible players are terrible, I have been on teams where the kraken didn’t bother stopping the revives, which is a rookie error against Laz, but he kept incapping people and letting Laz do his thing as we slowly erode their health. That is purely a failure of the monster, If the monster isn’t failing at their job (aka a good monster), there is no way for Laz to play around the Kraken, who has an attack that prevents him from doing his job, at whatever range the kraken is capable of, and has zero (0) cost to the monster. If the monster does not want you to get up you can’t do anything unless you kill him.

His range attack stopping revives forever puts Laz in a position where he can’t do anything the monster does not allow, while the monster has the option of flying anywhere in line of sight, and can still dodge with his full capability, while having all of his powers at the ready to dive in and kill whoever else he pleases.

No other monster can kill people while guarding a corpse and moving around in an evasive fashion, they have to choose, do you use the powers t stop revive, do you guard with fists while throwing powers, or do you dodge the incoming fire and fight. Kraken can do it all at the same time for free.

Wait, wait, wait, I just remembered there is a way to get around the Krakens range attack and get the revive, and that is having your other team mates jump into the line of fire and soak up all the hits, and waiting until after the vortex so they can get back in position and do it the second time while vortex is on cooldown, so you can revive the person while they get shot, oh and hopefully lightning is on cooldown, otherwise you will have to do it a third time, before the cooldowns finish

Getting a revive is so ridiculous against a good kraken that you can’t take Laz against him, the only way you can win is if the kraken player is terrible.


If Val, Caira, Laz, or Slim goes down, there is no way of getting them back up.
Unless the Kraken sucks, you will never get them back up.
Why? Because all it takes is one little tickle from a ranged melee to break a revive, and its ridiculously easy to land.
I really don’t know how you haven’t had a Kraken do this, it is by far the easiest thing to do and it puts Kraken at 0 risk


I don’t believe any posts of k/d ratios until I see screenshot from the game. So keep it with yourself.

Why do you keep forgetting that Kraken’s ability to distance himself from hunters at the same time means he can’t concentrate at focus-disabling selected Laz like other monster can? He can’t chain all his auto’s and skills that way unless he grounds himself - this is when he becomes what you want him to be. Do you ever realize that Kraken does not hit all his melees when he flies and maneuvers? You need to be really close to perform it. And even then when you are strafing left or right you definitely not hitting exactly where you want. You need to stay stationary.

All you need to do as Laz is just stay away and use your rifle. When someone goes down you should just watch for Kraken’s behavior. If he sits on the decap - continue shooting, when ally is dead watch again - if he is still in the air pounding the dead - let it go, and keep firing. But if he switched to different target - cloak and revive. There are so many ways to revive, but you still see only one thing - Kraken miles away landing sniper shots with his melees and slow-charging and slow-moving abilities, and all bullets can’t hit him while he can accurately disable 3 hunters + body. Wow.


That is why you need to play shielding support. And that works with any monster. Every good Goliath or Wraith will sit on the medic’s body untill it dies. The only option is orbital, but that means you have Hank, and no way your medic will die that stupid way.

I played vs Kraken players who often performed that tactic - shooting at the bodies with melees. I was just sniping them from afar, so he couldn’t notice my blue medic tag. He finally switches to someone other and that is when I use cloak + revive. Nothing special. The problem starts only if you by some stupid reason get close to Kraken, but that works with any monster as well.


oh?so you actually can respond without bashing?

oh wait, this is sarcasm if I know sarcasm and I DO KNOW sarcasm! How delightful!

You seem to be backing off since the original argument was if Kraken can keep Laz from reviving at distance during the 2 second window. I didn’t see you counter this one, you just went on calling me a noob and then disregarded the argument completely and clung to what I said about the body decaying(it takes 40 seconds IIRC btw)


I don’t imply it,I’ve seen it happen. Numerous times.

please refrain from responding to me as your only purpose now seems to be to save face. That would be all.


If you would be more accurate and intellectual, you would understand that my sentence was about your comment that Kraken supposedly should stay at the dead body for so long, waiting untill it decays lol. And that sentence was a sarcasm, what you didn’t notice.


The only reason I do not reply to all and every stupid note you bring in, is that there are three criers out there, not you alone.