Kraken mastery


knock down mid-air hunters for 360 times, isn’t it too much? I gave up the grinding, and I just sit there at 230 times.


Go into defend, kill them all, vortex them as they fall from the dropship. Use your lightning strike to fling them into the air then hit them with a quick vortex. Elite masteries weren’t meant to be easy.


I know the grinding, but it is repetitive and easy, not hard.


Best way I found was by hiding up on cliffs, when the hunters jetpack up to you, knock them back down with a vortex. Also, I spend a lot of time on the ground with my Kraken so when people jump I knock them back then too. Using 30% cooldown reduction helps as well. Oh and the Kraken’s melee can send people flying backwards, hit them face to face then vortex them away from you.


Well then it wasn’t supposed to be finished in 10 minutes.


But shouldn’t it be changed, other mastery only require 100 or less for the kraken.


The melee which use two tentacles, I know it. But I don’t like the ability cooldown reduction, it make me lose.


For me it helps a lot, Kraken really only does decent damage with is abilities. When they are recharging faster, that means I can spam more lightning and vortex while I’m flying around. When I don’t choose cooldown, I choose feeding speed. With the 75% feeding bonus you can state up to 2 really fast.


I personally love the damage upgrade perk as all the mastery bonus go to damage, they stack up pretty good. It is better to combo hit than spam abilities all the time.


It’s a LOT, it’s the only one I have left, and I’m round the same number as you are, but now I can get like 7 each match, so I’m not giving up. Grinding is grinding.


I am doing in normal matches, slow as shit.


yeah, I like to alternate betwen normal MP matches and solo games. In any case putting 2+ points in Vortex is a sound option.


I completed the other mastery, just go all vortex in when in stage 2.


lol 100 thats y it is called mastery for a reason is it was for a 100 everyone would have that


I don’t know what are you trying express, but 100 or less is the amount required in kraken elite mastery for aftershock, banshee mines and lightning strike. Only vortex got a ridiculous number of 360.


i mean for vortex


Im not to estatic about 360 mid air knockbacks either, specially since the lightning strike and her other aoe ability mastery didn’t even change its the same thing from stage 2 to stage 3 masteries, yet this one gets a ridiculous increase.


I think it should be changed, do you?


I actually have a guide for it up but haven’t released it publicly. But my third tier fire breath Goliath guide should work the same way.
Link below.


This was the first one I unlocked. Just go use your heavy melee procs more often and follow them up with a vortex. I averaged a good 12 to 36 a match. Now banshee mine and lightning strike mastery is stupid. Something you flat out have to grind bots for.