Kraken Lightning Strike Weekend Challenge (We made it!)


This October Evolve is celebrating Monsters and Monster players, with the Evolve: Month of Monsters. Each week we’ll be featuring a different Monster, and Monster related challenges, and content.

We’re kicking off Evolve: Month of Monsters with a Kraken challenge that can earn you two Kraken skins, the Kraken Frostbite skin, and another chance to earn the illusive Kraken Gold skin, if you missed out on it last time. -TurtleRock Gold Skins


This weekend between 12:01 AM ET on Friday October 2, and 12:01 AM ET on Monday, October 5 the community needs to hit 60,000 Hunters with Kraken’s Lightning Strike.

If you hit this goal as a community, everyone who plays between those days and times, earns both the Kraken Frostbite skin, and the Kraken Gold skin, absolutely free.


  1. You don’t have to play as Kraken, you just need to have him in the game, so encourage your Monster friends to play as Kraken this weekend, to earn wins towards the challenge goal.

  2. Reach the goal, get the skins.

  3. Everyone who plays Evolve contributes to the challenge, whether you play online or solo. Just make sure your console is online and connected to the game server so we can track the data for the challenge!

The winning skin will be rewarded by Thursday October 8.


Month of Monsters?

I’m on board with that. coughFifthMonstercough


So they said each week they’ll be featuring a different Monster, and there are 5 weekends this month. It was already confirmed Meteor Goliath won’t get skins, so could the 5th week mean 5th Monster? Hope so :slight_smile:


This is awesome! Surprised that they’re not starting with Gol, but I guess they want to check how Kraken’s playing at the moment, what with the Kraken hunter tumbling complaints that they’ve had.

People hoping that the T5 monster comes out this month will note that there are 5 weekends in October.

5 weekends, and soon to be 5 monsters. Coincidence?

EDIT : ninja’d by @Plaff again! With the thread, and with this idea :open_mouth: I got a gif tho :stuck_out_tongue:


Be interesting to see if this Challenge is successful…no interest in Kraken Skins or play so giving this a miss.

But good luck all.

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Only 60k LS hits? That’s like nothing compared to the 18k wins we had to get with Caira ;-;

…does that mean we are getting bob’s gold skin?
…and perhaps the 5th monster?
…and gasp, the gold skin for the 5th monster!?
…okay, last one maybe not, but still, stoke up them hypetrains!


“But you can hit an ability multiple time per game. And you can only win 1 game per game”

LordDerp- 2015

The last weekend for the fifth monster is gonna be a goliath weekend and if we complete the challenge V gets released a month early.

This makes me sad :frowning: The gold skin was really an achievment for playing the game from the beginning, now everyone is going to have it. The monster month sounds cool though.


I swear, if they pull that crap… :rage:

Better book it off.

I know this is kind of selfish but am I the only one that is disappointed that they are offering the gold skin again? I was hoping this would be the one thing that the people that supported the game from the beginning would be able to have exclusively.


No I’m in the same boat here… if they were to give it out again I’d prefer it be a VERY difficult stretch goal instead. Otherwise I’m super excited for this MOOOONTH OF MOOOOONSTERS!


Woohoo! Kraken skin! Frostbite doesn’t look very spectacular from that small view. I hope it can give me a hard time picking between that and my Calypso (because that is by far the best skin so far).

@Billabong5511 I am. I would have liked for them to be exclusive to those that supported the game from the beginning. Can’t do anything about it though.


I mean it’s a little lame, sure, but I honestly have a hard time really caring all that much. Maybe the name will be changed to just “Gold” rather than “TRS Gold” sort of like how the t4 skins are just “arctic” rather than “hunter’s quest arctic”.

In any case, I guess I’ll queue up for a monster match to lock myself in for the skins. Enough of these challenge weekends and I might finally get ranked!

Also who writes the copy around here? “Illusive” should be “elusive”, surely, especially with it being given out again.

I agree. It was supposed to be a special skin for the people who played very early on. Not as a small bonus to throw into a weekend challenge.


Does anyone else think that everyone should have an individual challenge to get each skin? It doesnt encourage anyone to even try to help complete the challenge, just to play a single game and leave. It would make it feel like you really earned them too.


TRS did say the Gold Skins would go on rotation again for those who missed the originally.

But can see why they can be seen as “A mark of the Faithful”… Ah well. Never used them if honest anyway.