Kraken lightning strike gone where!?!


I’ve had this bug a few times where lightning strike charges up in its animation and then when it strikes there is no boom and no damage. Kinda annoying. Is it me or are you guys having this bug also?


You most likely tried to fire it out of your range. The only skill you can confidently blast over 60+ meters are Banshee Mines. Vortex doesnt quite reach, Lightning Strike vanishes and AS is just for melee range.

As far as I know this is intentional unless it somehow bugs in to the map which shouldnt be possible.


I fired right at a group of striders some 30 meters away.


Well thats odd. I assume its a bug then that has something to do with controlling and moving the LS as mostly my problems with it have been whenever I have tried to make it bend more then it has been able to.

Hopefully the devs will take a look at it then. ^^


It’s a bug. And the devs are (or should be) aware of it as I recently linked them to a video of it.


Excuse me!!! but i don’t play xbox crap!!! :rage: PC all the way!!
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What? Im a PC gamer and I dont understand what you are saying. (Im kind of tired and its 7am so you will have to forgive me)


Ehhh I assume you meant left stick?


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