Kraken Lighting Strike major bug


Playing as Kraken I noticed my Lightning strikes instead of generating where I aimed had a tendency to spawn in a completely different direction sometimes ever directly behind me, making it impossible to do damage to the hunters with the ability. This was on Xbox One


Just for a little scenario detail, was this while rotating the screen where maybe you tagged the backside of a tree behind you or something due to weird view placement? Or did this happen just out in the open or while in the air sometimes where that couldn’t be a possible issue.

Only asking since I’ve Tagged a bridge on accident while I was falling with hank and bomb myself instead of heading off the monster I was chasing D: Mine has only rarely happen, while yours sounds like it may be frequent and started recently, but just wanted to clarify if it was user error or actually a bug


A different player in the lobby tried Kraken and had the same issue with the lightning Strike not generating in the middle of the screen rather in a corner instead, it actually appears to get worse if you’re moving while casting it, it might just be a Xbone glitch only though.