Kraken/Kelder Discussion Thread


Seeing lots of people claim that these two monsters have been gutted like the Wraith. Is this actually true or is it a bunch of nonsense?


Last I heard for Stage 2, the Goliaths, Kelder, and I think Gorgon are all good. Kraken, Wraith, and Behemoth are all in need of changes.


From what I’ve played, Kelder can really struggle with escaping domes since he’s so slow. But compared to legacy I do think they are far better balanced.


I thought Kelder was much faster the Kraken.


Maybe, but the way his traversal sworn mean that it’s hard to break LoS, unlike a monster like Goliath.


They nerfed travers speed from 50 to 3. Kelder - trash… Kraken a little better, but still he can’t do anything vs Renegabe. With the latest hunters buff, they both can’t escape(you have no time for evo).


So the monsters that have been thoroughly gutted by the to many nerfs to monsters and Hunter buffs are now Kraken, Kelder, and Wraith? That kind of only leaves two monsters…


I would not say they are trash, you still can be good with them especially with the new player base. Recently played 3 games as kraken and i won all 3 and i only have 4 games with kraken so you can t say im that good with it. Maybe it was luck but with good perks you can escape from the hunters.


I suuuuuuuk with Kraken


I hate this argument. If a character needs perks to properly operate then the character is not properly balanced to begin with.


I’m Kelder main, and I think Kelder is in a fine spot. He is all about predicting and aiming, and is still viable against good hunters if you can read them. Kraken though, can be pretty weak against coordinated hunters who would destroy 2 out of 3 Vanshee mines and dodge Lightening in every possible way.

Running away after dome is just equally hard for both of them. Kraken can stay in the air even with Trapper’s effort but a bit slower in air than Kelder, and Kelder is a bit faster in air than Kraken but will be dragged down real fast once slow effect is applied(which is a reason why I fear good Val players). They have to learn to fly backward so that they can shoot abilities to hunter while flying away which will make hunters fall back a little.


The best monster players I have seen are able to use Kraken with extreme efficiency in public games. On the other hand, I may not be the best judge because last time that happened, I got annihilated while using a lvl 1 Parnell. Not to mention he is the counter to Lennox, my main. As I understand it, premades can make short work of them.


Without perks every charakter is weaker for sure. Under good perks i mean useful . With kraken you dont realy need dmg because its already high, so use mobility perks to help you escape. I used brawler, insatiable hunger and deadly brawler. It gives enought speed to escape and other than that you get dr too.


And yes Kraken can counter most of the assaults like Lennox, Hyde and both markov can struggle to hit with the lightning gun too. The best is Renegabe against kraken with a good slowing trapper or medic. But hey its just my opinion, im not a pro player especially with Kraken.