Kraken - keeping him in the air



Is the new kraken supposed to stay in the air for very short amount of time if in combat/domed ?
Im talking about 2-3 seconds, then it crashes down ( with no trappers action involved ).
It makes using any ability vvery difficult because i must constantly look up in the sky to jump/keep her airborne, then quickly back down, find the hunter and shoot, then quickly look in the sky again, and traverse.

Its very annoying.


If you don’t input a movement command and press Space it should fly straight up.


By new Kraken, do you mean OG Kraken in S2, or Elder Kraken?

Elder Kraken does have shorter flying time and a smaller ceiling, but better flying speed. That could be what you’re experiencing.


I mean the regular Kraken in S2. It used to stay up for the duration of the dome( unless trapper did something ), but now, regardless of trappers actions, it quickly crashes down.


Are you sure you aren’t getting hit by stasis? A lot of trappers are playing Abe right now/


Normal Kraken can stay airborne for practically an indefinite amount of time, but you need to learn how his movement is first. Still, besides Maggie all the trappers can easily bring you down to the ground, but if you aren’t noticing the effect on your monster, then it is probably a stasis effect from Abe or Crow.


Aim down. Hold back. Press traversal.

Krakens regen rate and flight mechanics are more than capable of keeping him in the air the entire time.