Kraken Kamikaze Strat


Does anyone else do the Kamikaze Kraken strategy where you put three in aftershock to begin with and go from there?


oh, you mean the free win for the hunters build :smiley: ? I’ve run across that and won most of the time against that. (once we domed s1 and knocked 1/2 health and s2 our butts with 2x strike and 1 vortex. there were other times but i don’t come across this too often since it leaves the monster too open for damage.) as a torvold player against kraken, 3x aftershock is a godsend since I can constantly get damage against krakens that do this.


Fought a Kraken that did this once or twice. Was playing Torvald.



Aftershock is pretty good now that it doesn’t slow you down in the air. I usually go full vortex stage 1 and when I reach stage 2 I go full aftershock. It’s a pretty strong build but I have yet to try it out against a really good team.


My final build is either;


I only use aftershock to punish the hunters if they clump together and teach them to maintain good distance, or to help in caves/with traps.


I use this build if I get bored. What I do is put three in aftershock in the beginning then when i get two stage two I put three in lighting. This combo out damages caira’s healing so I usually attack support first unless its bucket or cabot. Just one aftershock and following it up whith lighting strike downs the hunter or leaves them barely alive even with caira’s healing