Kraken is VERY weak against Abe


I can’t even stress this enough. Abe players are absolutely a pain in the butt for a Kraken to deal with because the stasis grenades have a huge radius and it’s impossible to counter because you can’t focus down Abe unless he’s made a grave mistake. Add in sunny and rogue Val’s passive healing and there’s just no good counter to his overpowered stasis grenades. For how strong the stasis grenades are he should be limited to one,not three.

Abe is a very strong trapper right now not only because his abilities are strong, but because he’s fairly easy to use mechanically and strategically.


Agreed, regardless of Monster (but primarily Kraken and Wraith) Abe has always been awful when played well.



To be honest, the minute they reduced the deployables to three, the moment I took a look at Abe I was like "Oh man, his stasis is gonna be sssssssssso much stronger"
But that’s just my opinion.


good, everything that is pain in the Kraken’s ass is good


…I… I like you…


Oh I just read entire post…

Are you srsly want Abe to get nerfed?
Yes his CC is strong but his Trackig is just…
Taking Abe often means that you’re giving monster free stage 2.


Oh, thank god. I thought I was just hellishly inconsistent at Kraken because I fought a Val-Abe combo.


There’s not enough mammoth birds to justify that argument.

Maps also need more varied wildlife spawns…would make the game more interesting.


I recently played Kraken against a fantastic team, IIRC they play in TGL. Abe was unstoppable, with those stasis grenades and Cabot’s damage amp paired with Parnell’s super soldier I was dead two engagements. Getting away was impossible because of the tracking darts and dust tagging. While I didn’t enjoy the match very much because I didn’t stand a chance I really liked to see the amount of synergy between different hunters :smiley:


I think Abe is in a pretty good place. Kraken and Wraith both struggle with him, but CC has alays hit them harder. Wraith melee is not affected by stasis, so she doesn’t have it as bad as Kraken. Abe is often overlooked or not used because he has no “hard” CC, but he is my favorite (although Mad Mags is giving him a run for his money) and he can cover the whole field with Stasis, or force the Monster to move because of it. Oddly enough, the deployables nerf didn’t really affect him. Always tossing out new ones, anyways. I don’t think he should be nerfed. Him and Mad Mags should be the Trapper standard instead of Jack and Griff. Maybe a radius change on grenades, but I think he’s just fine.

Also, his tracking is not bad. It’s actually pretty damn good, when in late game you have to think about eating before you just do it, and get a tracker in you. He has more coverage that way than any other Trapper. It just takes time.


Imo, stasis is to Wraith and Kraken what harpoons are to Goliath.

As a Trapper and as a Kraken, I feel stasis is in a good place.


Agreed. Abe and both Maggie’s are the most balanced trappers.


Why didn’t they run Lennox?!?!?





the assault player mains parnell and is a monster with him


But he’s missing out on huge damage potential. Lennox maxes out the damage amp.


I think an SS Parnell has higher DPS than Lennox.


Abe is good if paired with sunny to catch up the monster on stage 1. Also i agree about the stasis grenades, they are a bit op right now and with the good mammoth bird comp, they can beat you up in less than a minute.

… mammoth bird comp sounds pretty :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve ran into an ESL Xbox comp that favors Abe/Sunny/Rogue Val and it’s pretty brutal. I don’t think the effect is particularly powerful as much as the radius is huge on them and he gets three.

With three stasis grenades you can effectively cover half of the dome with how big their radius is and good stasis positioning. That’s kind of ridiculous for something that has no cooldown and can be spam-thrown to instantly reposition.