Kraken is Unstoppable


Hey every one.

So i have been playing a few games today after Kraken had the rework and how he no longer slows down during flight but becomes grounded much faster when ever he is Slowed.

At first it looks like an okay change but in game it makes any casual Kraken player un beatable.

Me and a few friends decided to do a custom game and see what was going on when we realized that since he no longer slows down in flight he can literally just spam his traversal and stay in the air almost Constantly never hitting the ground.

We tried to stack slows and mobility breaks to try and stop it (Abe Val and Hyde) you notice a drop in altitude for sure but if the monster has the Traversal Perk or the Natural Buff that’s on the maps even with all the slows he still stays airborne zipping around as fast as he can go.

This really makes the game frustrating me who normally plays trapper can no longer just dome i have to try and dome him in the crampest of places and with Kraken and his krazy aoe ability’s make it even harder to take it down.

Why did Kraken get this change in the first place? I though the old Kraken was just fine if any thing maybe his traversal recharges slower?