Kraken is the most (only) fun monster


when i’m playing online i’m not really a fan of playing goliath. i just don’t get on with him. facing a good team, the wraith also just doesn’t have the braun needed to have a fun game (see: “he’s just running away all the time”)

so this leaves me with kraken. flying, running around on all fours, slobbering on corpses etc.

kraken is the only monster in the game at the moment with the balance of mobility and armor to be able to actually give the hunters an extended fight.


Highly untrue.

A wraith that uses decoy and abduction well can avoid lots of damage while simultaneous picking out a high priority target, cough Lazarus cough, to focus heavily, warping away when their target is free or if they are taking too much damage. Wraith is a skirmisher.

Goliath, while not the hovering monstrosity that Kraken is, is very agile with two mobility skills (the most in the game), leap smash and charge, allowing it to cover ground quickly WHILE doing damage. It has the best knockbacks in the game, allowing you to distrupt the enemy more, and with its fast jumps and quick climbing can easily take cover behind terrain to regen cooldowns or wait out the arena. Assuming, of course, you aren’t just going to eat the enemy team. Which ain’t that hard.


Good to see the love for kraken


my point was that hunters see this as “just hiding”

yeah i just played a practice game as goliath, never really game him much of a chance after not enjoying in the beta. might give him a real try today.


I am not saying some wraiths don’t just hide for all time. But he is perfectly viable in a non-cowardly play style. It’s all how you play him.


i honestly have trouble with the wraith vs good cabot and caira teams, so i’m finding myself less inclined to ever pick her now, sadly. (hence why i’m trying goliath. i need to get good with his abilities so i can use him more often.)


Kraken is the most (only) fun monster… For you

Not surprising as its the middle point in the scale of the armour/power trade.

Personally I find playing the Kraken borring because I enjoy movement around the map terrain and the main characteristic of the kraken is to just fly over it all - its all play style choices.

But to say that its “the only monster in the game at the moment with the balance of mobility and armor…” is wide of the mark by some margin, each monster has pretty fair trade of and styles :slight_smile:


Kraken awesome, wraith meh, Goliath high level fodder.