Kraken is so broken, and I'm loving every second of it


There’s nothing better than picking the 3 star movement increase perk as the Kraken and running away from the Hunters as much as possible, and I always try to get to level 3 as quickly as I can so I become an unstoppable spamming machine of a monster. It must tick people off so bad, but I always pick Kraken and play as the biggest jerk to upset people. I always lure them towards caves and an open area if I ever get dome-shielded and then I just go to one end of a cave and spam that Vortex move because then they can’t advance on me, and if they don’t dome shield me there, then I can just keep running!

Plus, if I wait until the last 2 minutes of the match because they can’t catch up to me, I just fight them when they’re all together at the power relay because you can’t lose as a Kraken if you have an IQ of about 70 or over, it’s just that easy. What developer at Turtle Rock said “I got it! Let’s make a flying monster that nullifies half of the Hunters’ equipment in the game!” Thanks Turtle Rock for letting me be this overpowered monster so I can piss off other players and alienate them from your game. It’s almost like I’m personally driving away people from this franchise, and I’m not going to stop using every exploit I know about so I make your game look buggy and broken. Keep up the good work! By the way, I’m not being sarcastic or strawmanning. I always preference the monster and always pick Kraken because it’s funny to make their game look bad and drive customers away, and it seems like a few of the guys like Game IHer who is like 175wins and 0 losses and the leaderboards shares my sentiments as well.

Up yours, Turtle Rock :smile:


Beating up PUBS very impressive, sadly it’s easy to counter the Kraken.


You’re cute.


Tell that to Gucci who is about 160 and 0 on the leaderboards as the Kraken. That’s roughly 450 or more real players he’s played against, if we take quitters and bots into consideration


I’m guessing you get stomped when you play against the Kraken? Game favors monsters dude, nothing to be mad about


The leaderboards mean nothing. You can avoid a loss by quitting, and hat is what he did. That is what anybody with a score like that did. Furthermore, 90% of the players currently are retarded. Put four retards in a team and you get easy wins. I’d wager that “Gucci” had his ass handed to him time after time but quit to dodge a loss.

Let me ask you something: How long have you been following this game? I, and others, have been here thirteen months, and I doubt that anybody but the Devs surpass us in experience and knowledge here.


I’m a monster player. But I play it to give the hunters an enjoyable experience.

Y’know. Like a human being, I enjoy having fun with others, especially if they too have fun.


No idea why you would hate Kraken. If you don’t like Evolve, stop playing. Quit trying to ruin others fun just because you don’t enjoy it.


Griffin and Val say hi.
Idea, tell your what was it, “Gucci” friend to come looking for a team to fight here, tell him to stream it too. We’ll see who’s on top after some of the fucking monstrous hunter teams here gets a hold of him.


Pretty sure they’re not his friends. They’re exploiters, they just like to be quiet about it.


What a rather appalling display of unsportsmanlike-like behavior. This is not the kind of play we endorse in the game, within the community, nor on these forums. I’m shocked at your level of pride about your actions. A good player doesn’t seek to crush anyone or exploit any system, nor goes into a match with the shear desire to obliterate the opponent’s desire to even play the game. I’m sorry, if you want to play this way, then this forum is not the place for you to boast.