Kraken is Ridiculously OP


Just posting this because no one else is. I loved the Big Alpha. I had a blast with it, save for one thing. The Kraken is so ridiculously OP that it borders on game breaking. The only match where my team beat the Kraken was when we got lucky and caught him at stage 1. All other times, the Kraken destroyed us. Devs, if you’re reading this, I suggest that you nerf the Kraken a bit. Not too much because that would make him really really weak, just enough to where it is within the realm of possibility to kill it at Stage 3 like Goliath. (I couldn’t beat a Stage 3 Goliath, but my team has gotten damn close.) Please, Devs. Nerf Kraken a little bit because he is crazy OP.



Many people have said it, and there have been some suggestions from Devs on how to counter the Kraken more effectively.



These are good tips. But there should also be mention of negating kraken damage, not just dealing damage!
Kraken has 4 abilities and melee, let’s do this.
Banshee mine’s are the homing orbs and a new krakens best friend, however as soon as players realize they can be shot out of the air this attack becomes a lot more situational and makes this attack fairly easy to counter.

Lightning strike has huge damage, and is the bane of many players, but the huge charge up time makes it relatively easy to not get hit. “But Chiprel! That requires precise jetpack boost timing, assumes you aren’t out of jetpack fuel, and the monster can just predict and hit you anyway!” Yes sir, that is all true. However a good thing to remember is that just because of have jetpack, doesn’t mean it’s all you have. A much more reliable way to handle this attack is just use the large charge of time to ‘line of sight’ the kraken and hide behind cover from it. Better yet, when fighting kraken just stay right next to cover and snap shoot!

Vortex: Again, LOS is the many tool, but while this is one of his most reliable skills, its not the highest damage. Give the kthuludog a bone.

Aftershock: Fairly close range attack with a charge up, I assume I don’t need to elaborate this one?

Melee: Airdog plz.

So combine the offence quoted above with these evasive tips and you’ll find the fight to get much easier! Also much is said about picking WHERE you fight the kraken, on most maps the reactor area limits his movement itself!



The monsters needs a buff ! :monster:


Devs already said they nerfed Vortex damage since the alpha. I’m all set with that.


I think the problem is that the Kraken actually requires a strategy. When fighting the Goliath, your strategy basically revolves around ‘Shoot Big Monster’ or whatever your role is. When fighting Kraken, you actually need to fight him a specific way. In that sense, it’s a lot like a boss fight, like what the devs intended.


What…why nerf the :monster: 's :frowning: the hunters already have a better %


Well damn, people. Calm down. I didn’t know it had already been said. Chill.


One of the main reasons Kraken is hard to beat is because he’s stronger in the sky. The trick to beating him is getting him grounded. Here’s some reasons why:

  • Kraken’s melee attacks are weaker than its in-air standard ranged attack.

  • Lightning strike becomes a lot harder to aim when you aren’t up high.

  • Hyde can melt a Kraken with his flamethrower if it’s in range.

  • Kraken isn’t as fast on the ground compared to in the air.

Fighting Kraken has that extra layer of strategy involved, but Kraken has less health/armour to balance this. Knowing how to get Kraken out of the air is the key to winning :kraken_stare:


Use the search on the forums before you post! This way you will not get these kinds of reactions.


Krak definitely was a beast. We died many times to him.

I DO like the idea where certain monsters become significantly easier to deal with if you can do something like ground them (like, being on the ground prevents the monster from using certain abilities). It’s a unique balancing act that isn’t just about increasing cooldowns or reducing damage, but taking on the monster in a different way.


I never lost as a Kraken but i can’t say he is OP yet.There was no harpoons or tranqs to keep me from flying,meaning i was playing against hunters who where only shooting me.That’s a bad plan :stuck_out_tongue:


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