Kraken is OP?


There is a lot of talk about Kraken being overpowered. I think that it depends on the player. Kraken is BY FAR the hardest monster to learn. No other monster requires the skill it takes to hit all of kraken’s abilities. However, kraken is the best monster ONCE you have mastered him. He absolutely sucks if you suck with him. Should he be nerfed? Who knows. I am a kraken player, and am top 400 in the world. My advice to you is play like floyd mayweather when fighting kraken. Play defensively and wait for him to come to you.


Kraken punishes poor positioning more than any other monster. He is also the most resistant to CC. I honestly don’t have many grievances against Kraken, outside a few of his movement annoyances. I feel his current kit is balanced, but his interaction with CC, and abilities mixed with certain traversal charges make for some ‘unfair’ combos.


Lightning strike and aftershock are easily dodged. Mines kan be shot. Vortex can be frustrating, but the damage is fair and it can be dodged. So the only problem will be getting damage on the Kraken. This is solved by playing smart and dome him in confined spaces, fight him in the open and you will lose. Just like doming a Behemoth in a cave will get you killed.

So no, Kraken is not OP.


It’s not that he’s OP, per se, it’s just that he’s pretty buggy right now in that he’s borderline immune to CC and a lot of his attack animations don’t work properly and allow you to fire off a ton of abilities at once. A lot of his abilities are easily abusable, too. Once he gets un-bugged and receives a nerf here and there, he’ll be fine.


He’s OP because he can fight from ridiculous ranges with great speed. That means he nullifies a lot of gear. Try landing shots on a Kraken in combat using Crow or Cabot or someone. Not even Wraith is that hard to hit. Combine that with the extreme damage abilities and ranged melee spam.

He can fight, take waaaaaaaay less damage, down someone and then bodycamp them at zero risk to himself. It isn’t faur by any means.