Kraken is op


Does anyone else think that the Kraken needs nerfing cuz every time I play evacuation even if u have a full team it always wins anyone else think so?



get a better team?





Kraken is basically a PUG stomper, therefore i believe that it should be nerfed. When a monster is not killable with a pug its not healthy for the game.



Killed the Kraken multiple times in PUG groups.



It has begun… .



Well with that logic is Kraken UP because me and my team beat every Kraken today we encountert

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X is OP





I played whole day and yeah, not only Kraken, Wrath as well. We managed to loose every single game in evacuation, even the final defense while having +4 in "auto balance"in our favor. Just the fact he can one shot is pretty ridiculous. I won almost every game in beta against monsters, but now? They must have amped their damage, because it’s ridiculous how much we are loosing now.
And before trolls say some stupid stuff, we are experienced players that played since alpha, so no, it’s not about skill.



Just got out a match versus a Kraken and we won. Granted it was only on Hunt, so I don’t know man.



Then I just suck lol

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Oh yeah, because years of testing and going through two public Alphas and a Beta should have no bearing on the skill set of hundreds of thousands of new players less than twenty-four hours after release.

Of course, it’s definitely the game that’s posing the problem and has nothing to do with these hordes of new players and their low skill sets. :unamused:

NEWSFLASH: if there are legitimate balance issues (and I’m not saying there are none), then these will show up in the new telemetry and adjustments will be made, but just because someone hasn’t figured out that “chase” and “hunt” do not mean the same thing is no reason to go nerf-crazy.



RELEASE THE KRAKEN (is OP threads)!!!



I am talking about my experience from BIG alpha to the beta to now. In all 3 versions I’ve personally killed the entire hunter team as soon as they dropped - They were all level 10 plus. Feel to to disagree but I stand by my statement that Kraken is a pure PUG stomper and should be toned down a bit to let everyone enjoy the game.



from looking at these threads, it seems like everyones using the same strategy as they do for Goliath for all the monsters. You will not win like that, unless the monster is awful. Each monster has hard counters, soft counters, and distinct advantages.
Goliath is arguably the easiest to kill, since he’s just straightforward punch you till you are a bloody pile of mush.
Kraken focuses on flying and hitting from afar, Vals tranqs can drop the Kraken from the sky, and since he’s already as slow as dirt when the wind blows, Kraken is very vulnerable.
Wraith, oh Wraith, you confuse new players and make people oh, so angry. The wraith focuses on high damage through hit and run tactics, don’t let her run. She can hit all she wants but if a wraith is cornered, you can chunk through her health easily.

TL;DR: Practice, no matter how many times you lose, you learn something new about facing the monsters that beat you, therefore making more versed, this game has a pretty decent skill ceiling. So study up, and get some friends.



pufff …in pugs Tyrants are more deadly



I honestly don’t know what to tell you then because me and my group have been beating the majority of the Krakens without much difficulty. Just use Val and Abe and he’ll be countered quite straight forward.

You’re most likely not dodging attacks and using terrain to block line of sight to avoid lightening strike and vortex which if you claim to have played since Alpha this should of been known by now.



I bet if you were to start two weeks from now, you’d not be saying the same thing – probably more like, “T1 Hunters OP!!!” :anguished:

This game has A Learning Curve, and it’s a steep one. The weak are going to take a stroll down Washout Lane. The strong are going to learn to hunt you.

It’s Day One.

This is a marathon, not a sprint.



Everyone whines and complains about Kraken but clearly, if they played the game, they’d know that Griffin’s harpoon gun can yank that dude down to the ground. Kraken can’t move while using his abilities on the ground, only in the air, so Griffin is 100% a hard-counter.

But, yanno, people would rather moan about it all the time.

EDIT: Now, do I feel that there should be -more- counters to Kraken? Yes. Mostly because Kraken can fly which negates a lot of close-range weaponry and because of that he’s a hard-counter to Markov who only has the close-range Lightning gun and his ground-based mines.

However, this doesn’t mean that Kraken is OP; just that players aren’t thinking outside of the box on how to deal with him.



Right, another thing is that Aftershock is very close range; so any Kraken that wants to use that is likely going to have to drop down close to the ground and provide the hunters an opportunity to attack.